Error-Fare: Flights to Lima, Peru from Amsterdam for only €505 - round trip incl. taxes

Error-Fare: Flights to Lima, Peru from Amsterdam for only €505 - round trip incl. taxes

Air Europa is currently offering cheap flights from Amsterdam to Lima, Peru for only €505 - round trip incl. taxes.

This fare seems to be an error-fare. Please don't call the airline to confirm your flights until this error is fixed.

See the details below.


Flights: Amsterdam - Lima Timeframe: 23. Jan. 2014 - 14. May. 2014

  • Details

    The flights are available from January to April 2014.

    All flights have one lay-over.

    You have to book your flights by 20th December 2013, but I don't think that this fare will last until then, since it is an error fare.

    The cheapest prices are available at, but for only €2 more you can also book with

    Sample booking:

  • Sample dates

    Here are the sample dates:

    Departure dates

    • January: 23 - 29
    • February: 3 - 6, 9 - 13, 16 - 28
    • March: 1 - 31
    • April: 1 - 30

    Return dates

    • February: 3 - 14, 16 - 27
    • March: 2 - 31
    • April: 1 - 15, 17, 21 - 24, 27 - 30
    • May: 1 - 14
  • Accommodation

    I'd recommend to search for the lowest rates on,, or and to take a look at our list of general codes and promotions. Don't forget to check hotel reviews on TripAdvisor. If you are searching for an affordable private apartment, please check out


  • Loet

    Loet says:

    It's not an error, some Air Europa affiliated sites dutch sites are marketing it as a bargain flight. 

  • Johannes

    Johannes says:

    I also don't think this was an error as IB offered the same flight for less than 500 a few weeks ago.

  • reiseroos

    reiseroos says:

    Did anybody found out about the maxmim stay...?

  • callum111

    callum111 says:

    It's definitely a good deal but I'm not so sure it's an error fare? I know I only paid £220 for a MAD - LIM - LHR flight at Easter - that's a proper error fare!

    • emilly_d

      emilly_d says:

  • niels

    niels says:

    Can be done for  € 463,61  special OTA


    DLDFW says:

    German OTA? or Spanish OTA?

  • JanD

    JanD says:

    I only get high prices, with,, and various of the sample dates. Am I doing something wrong or are the 505€ fares gone already? Niels, on what site did you book? thx!

  • MST

    MST says:

    which date is still cheap?

  • MST

    MST says:

    which date is still cheap among februari?

  • Sebastian (Admin)

    Sebastian (Admin) says:

    Not sure if its really a error-fare but if you check the ITA Matrix it seems like the YQ is missing in this price here.

  • Triki

    Triki says:

    446 from MAD..(American)

  • Elba2320

    Elba2320 says:

    Delta airlines is offering the same flights for 480€ from Brussels, even in April (2-15)

    • niels

      niels says:

      28 May 11 June  € 437,00

      • iikauniece

        iikauniece says:

        But the maximum stay is less than one month :( I want to stay for 2,5-3 months, what to do in this case?

  • niels

    niels says:

    28 May- 11 June  Delta Brussels € 437,00

  • dizzyheights

    dizzyheights says:

    I can't seem to find these fares. Have they been pulled? Looking for a 2 week trip late May through to early June.

  • Daniele

    Daniele says:

    Now it's 800+ eur, error fixed.

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