Flights to Kathmandu from Dublin, Milan, Venice or Rome for only 527 Euro & up - round trip incl. taxes.

Update: Still available!

Turkish Airlines is offering flights from Dublin, Milan, Venice and Rome to Kathmandu for only 528 Euro & up - round trip incl. taxes.

Kathmandu is the largest city and capital of Nepal and the namesake of the Kathmandu Valley. Once thought to be the fabled and inaccessible Shangri-La, Kathmandu is now a hub for independent travellers as well as a growing vacation spot catering to all budgets. As a result of considerable urban growth in recent decades, it is now part of one continuous urban area together with Patan to the south. Click here to read more about Kathmandu.

I've found many available dates between September 2013 and April 2014.

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How to book?

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  • ruth+mervyn

    ruth+mervyn says:

    hi - cant wait to see a few cruises on here - keep up the good work

  • philledge

    philledge says:

    Are stopovers allowed in Istanbul?

    • Sebastian (Admin)

      Sebastian (Admin) says:


  • Imperator

    Imperator says:

    You get 400 euro from Istanbul to Kathmandu and back, same period of time. For Istanbul, you can find a nice fare with Fly Pegasus from different airports of Europe. However, note that Fly Pegasus lands in Sabiha Gokcen airport, while Turkish Airlines departs from Ataturk

    What do you think?