Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo – New York City 463€ – round trip after taxes

Delta Airlines offers once again a really interesting fare for flights from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro for only €463 - round trip incl. taxes.

All flights have a stopover in New York City or Atlanta. With this fare you can add a longer stopover in these cities almost for free. So if you like you can fly e.g. from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and on the way back you fly from Brazil to New York City and spend there a few days before you continue your travel to Amsterdam. You can also fly to Rio de Janeiro and return from Sao Paulo (or vice versa) and travel between these two cities by bus or another flight.

If you're not interested in visiting Atlanta or New York City you can book flights only with a short stopover and continue your travel to Brazil. If you're from Belgium, United Kingdom or France you should check out the current Eurostar promotion fares for travels to Amsterdam.

Fare Details: 

  • Seasonal restrictions: travel until 20th March 2013
  • Sales restrictions: book by 5th February 2013
  • 2 free stopovers permitted - 1 in each direction in Atlanta or New York City

Sample Dates:

  • 15/01/2013 Amsterdam – Sao Paulo ; 22/01/2013 Sao Paulo – New York ; 30/01/2013 New York – Amsterdam 
  • 15/01/2013 Amsterdam – Sao Paulo ; 25/01/2013 Sao Paulo – New York ; 31/01/2013 New York – Amsterdam 
  • 16/01/2013 Amsterdam – Sao Paulo ; 28/01/2013 Sao Paulo – New York ; 31/01/2013 New York – Amsterdam 
  • 15/01/2013 Amsterdam – Sao Paulo ; 21/01/2013 Rio de Janeiro – New York ; 30/01/2013 New York – Amsterdam 
  • Please use to find the perfect dates for your travel, you can't book the flights there, you can only search for them. Please check the picture below for instructions:


If you’re also looking for a accomondation in New York City, Rio or Sao Paulo, you should check the current 10% voucher & Expedia 10% voucher, but you should always compare hotel rates on

Flight Booking:

Please visit, or for flight booking enquiries.

The flight fare is really new, that's why Expedia might have problems to find these flights, you have to chose Delta Airlines as your preferred airline (check the images below):

Sample Bookings:
Rio de Janeiro:


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    ujnbfuebhfub says:


  • tyno83

    tyno83 says:

    Great Job :)

  • rosen-spasov

    rosen-spasov says:

    Nice, can you show cheap samples with Rio instead of Sao Paolo?

  • roberto

    roberto says:

    I hate them! Delta had the same exact offer in september. I didn't manage to grant me a ticket fast enough and I the best I could find was for 670 euros, although I could clearly see the plains were far from being full. And now they're back. This is immoral! :P

  • kamilo

    kamilo says:

    any dates for February or March?

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  • homme
  • jan_4163

    jan_4163 says:

    This offer is also valid to Buenos Aires for 499 euros. Just booked it with a week in NY and another one in BA. ;) Departure from AMS must be no later than 20 Mar but return date can be after that.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Thanks Jan!

  • fabian

    fabian says:

    You can find the offer indead on (464 euro), but if you want to book a error occurs. Only the flight of 673 is possible to book..

    Has anybody an idea what's going wrong?

  • joris

    joris says:

    Yesterday i searched on the delta airline site and the offer was able to be booked. Today i searched again and it looks like the offer isn't there anymore? The cheapest ticket i can find is little more then €600?

  • ruben_4404

    ruben_4404 says:

    633€ is the cheapest that i can find...

    What do you think?