Flights to Auckland from €543 / £530 & more - round-trip incl. taxes *UPDATE*

British Airways is offering very cheap flights to Auckland New Zealand for only 543 Euro - round trip incl. all taxes and baggage fees.

The fare is valid for travel between April and June 2013. All flights have stopovers in London, Singapore or Hong Kong and Sydney. Please pay attention, some flights include airport changes (Gatwick to Heathrow) don't book this flights. You'll fly with really good airlines: Cathay Pacific Airways, Qantas and British Airways.

The cheapest flights are available for departures from Barcelona with a return also to Barcelona. But you can book this fare also as a Open-Jaw flight and return to other European airports.


  • Barcelona - Auckland - Barcelona (eg. 8 - 22/5/2013) for 543 Euro
  • Barcelona - Auckland - Rome (eg. 4 - 29/5/2013) for 587 Euro
  • Barcelona - Auckland - London Heathrow ( eg. 4 - 29/5/2013) for 530 GBP
  • and more

This trick should work with every European British Airways airport (Amsterdam, Brussels,Vienna, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Manchester, Venice, Milan and so on). If you have found new routings and dates, please share them with us in the comments or on Facebook.

Update: offers loads of different campers for  2 – 6 people. If you travel with 4 person I'd recommend the Apollo Euro Camper for only 498 Euro for 21 days. With this camper you can easily explore the fascinating landscapes of New Zealands North Island and don’t have to think about a bed for the night.

Sample Bookings:

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Flight Booking:

Please visit, or for flight booking enquiries.


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North Island of New Zealand:


  • tom_3761

    tom_3761 says:

    Any fares from Benelux in April?

    • bram_4980

      bram_4980 says:

      if you find sth, let me know :-)

  • brad

    brad says:

    Dying to figure out how to go in June! It's hard to find dates that work out as well as the examples listed :(

  • shaun_4935

    shaun_4935 says:

    Doesn't work bogus

  • vlad_3244

    vlad_3244 says:

    Great deal, is it error fare or promo? :)

  • jaime_4949

    jaime_4949 says:

    This fare is amazing! Too good to be true?

  • clara

    clara says:

    This may be a stupid question but can I book the Barcelona flights and just leave out the Barcelona to London leg of the journey i.e. start out in London anyway? Seems to be much cheaper to book it with the Barcelona route but I don't need it!

    • pihi

      pihi says:

      I don't think so if you have some Avios, try to find a RFS on BA from london to BCN for after the last leg of the journey

      • admin_114

        admin_114 says:

        If you dont show up in Barcelona the rest of your ticket will be canceled!

        • clara

          clara says:

          Thanks for the replies! Didn't think it would work but I had to ask! If anyone can make any dates work for Vienna, let me know!

  • pihi

    pihi says:

    Promo, works like a charm for my dates! Need to find a positioning cheap o/w to BCN though...

  • karin

    karin says:

    Anyone found possible dates with return to Amsterdam? Hope so!

  • will

    will says:

    Doesn't work for me, looked on 4 may to 29th may BCN to Auckland, 1009 euros.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      you have to be more flexible. try the matrix and search for other dates.

  • mp_5071

    mp_5071 says:

    Hi! Can the stops in Singapore/Sydney/etc be extended to say a few days so they can be explored too? Thanks in advance!

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Unfortunately not!

  • ruben

    ruben says:

    until when is this fare/price valid?

  • mati_5266

    mati_5266 says:

    Is it possible stopover in HKG for 2 or more days? :)

  • harald

    harald says:

    To all who booked: I checked my flight status on The flight part AKL-HKG for my return flight is missing. Has somebody else the same problem?

    • chris_14305

      chris_14305 says:

      Same problem here. I called BA and they corrected this, flight leg appeared again on checkmytrip. However, I can't find the booking on CX-webpage. (can find it on QF-website). My rough guess is: CX-leg (AKL-HKG) hasn't been charged originally, and that is why the fare is so cheap. I'm preparing for getting charged the normal AKL-HKG fare (around 560 €; relatively stable, also one day in advance) at Auckland Airport. Any news on your story in the meantime? Rgds

      • harald

        harald says:

        The story was very complicated. Cathay changed flight time for the segment AKL-HKG from 13:20 to 13:25. Usually that won't be trouble, but since the segment was not natively booked in Amadeus GDS, the flight change had to be confirmed via the other GDS. Since this last mentioned GDS is rarely used (by expedia), they didn't know how to confirm the flight change and had to contact the airline. This took expedia some time to get someone from the airline on the phone. As long as the segment had not been confirmed, we weren't able to see the segment via checkmytrip. Expedia told me, that they weren't told about the flight change. BA wasn't informed either.

        Another interesting thing happened: on the BA website the segment HKG-LHR disappeared. It reappeared after the segment AKL-HKG had been confirmed. Via checkmytrip the segment HKG-LHR did always show the status confirmed. Expedia guessed that it might be a "married segment" and that may be the cause for the disappearance in the past.

        Since every leg is confirmed and shown via checkmytrip and the BA website there is no need to worry at the moment.

  • monkeyalan

    monkeyalan says:

    I'm counting down the days, stoked at the price and looking forward to my adventure!

    What do you think?