Flights to Los Angeles for €480 - round trip incl. taxes *UPDATE*

Flights to Los Angeles for €480 - round trip incl. taxes *UPDATE*

Airberlin is offering flights from Copenhagen, Zurich, Vienna and several German Airports to Los Angeles for €480 & up. But if you book this fare as a open-jaw flight you can reduce the price to €325.

Update: There are no open-jaw flights any more.

Fare Details:

  • Travel restrictions: 14 January - 15 March 2013
  • Sales restrictions: book by 1st January 2013

Open-Jaw Routings:

  • Copenhagen - Dusseldorf - Los Angeles - Munich/Dusseldorf/Berlin for 325 Euro
  • Zurich  - Dusseldorf - Los Angeles - Munich/Dusseldorf/Berlin for 325 Euro
  • Vienna - Dusseldorf - Los Angeles - Munich/Dusseldorf/Berlin for 353 Euro
  • Please use the Matrix Airfare Search to find your travel dates or other routings.

Please visit for regular flight bookings and, or for open-jaw flight booking enquries. If you want to fly open-jaw you have to use the multi-destination search.

Sample Bookings:
Open-Jaw Flight:
Regular Flight:


  • vytenis

    vytenis says:

    Can you give more sample dates ?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      'Please use the Matrix Airfare Search to find your travel dates or other routings.'

      Its pretty easy! :)

  • gerrit-m

    gerrit-m says:

    Search for hours cant find something for Feb. March - are u sure about that?

  • gerrit-m

    gerrit-m says:

    Do I need the first flight, can I only take the second one from Düsseldorf and leave the first one?

    • aimee

      aimee says:

      No. Missing the first flight will void your entire ticket.

      • gerrit-m

        gerrit-m says:


        • jez

          jez says:

          Because that's the rules, quite simply.

          You can only waste the final leg. If you don't turn up to the first leg, they'll cancel the whole ticket.

  • ingrosso

    ingrosso says:

    As stated above, you can only waste the final leg on your return. Anything else voids your ticket because you count as a "no-show". Same rules for all airlines. This is the drawback (or benefit depending on your view) of open jaw flights.

  • lazy

    lazy says:

    are there any good OJ's on jfk-Germany route with air Berlin?

  • chicoruso_2889

    chicoruso_2889 says:

    No I can't find this fare neither on matrix, nor on even sample dates. Did they fix it?

  • honey-trixabelle-snow

    honey-trixabelle-snow says:

    I'm not getting anything, looks like this has gone.

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