Free Accor Hotels Le Club Platinum Status *EXPIRED*

Free Accor Hotels Le Club Platinum Status *EXPIRED*

Update: Available again!

Accor Hotels is offering a promotion for a complimentary Platinum status in their Le Club-program. If you register with the link above you'll get the Platinum status instantly for free.

Update: The given promotion code is not usable anymore.

Platinum status benefits include:

  • 100% more points
  • A priority desk in more than 2500 hotels worldwide
  • A drink and a welcome gift in Sofitel hotels
  • A room always available before your arrival
  • An upgrade
  • Late check-out until 4pm
  • A dedicated customer service
  • Guaranteed room availability 5 days before your arrival
  • One Thalassa Sea and Spa Institute beauty product and treatment in Sofitel Thalassa Sea and Spa hotels
  • In Adagio hotels: 1) Welcome gift for stays of 10 nights or more 2) Late check-out

Please follow this link to register for the Accor Le Club-program and get instantly the Platinum status.

Your Profile right after the registration:

Enjoy the benefits of Le Club Accorhotels for free:

Sale Promotion:


  • sofiadylan_2077

    sofiadylan_2077 says:

    Nod valid anymore :( it says

  • timothy-stalmans

    timothy-stalmans says:

    Their loyalty program sucks!

  • nick_2214

    nick_2214 says:

    Great find - it worked for me so thanks HPs !!

  • mari_1426

    mari_1426 says:

    Yeeahh! Got it!

  • wm

    wm says:

    classic status....pffffffffff , didn't work at all.

  • fabio

    fabio says:

    It works!

  • tomo

    tomo says:

    OK - it doesn't work if Accor's loyality program already knows your email address, you need to use a NEW email address to get the Platinum status.

  • mike_2222

    mike_2222 says:

    Did not work for me, got "incorrect information" on stage 3. Tried a different email address, still the same. Any ideas?

  • mike_2222

    mike_2222 says:

    Solved my own problem - got out of Accor site, cleared ALL Accor cookies, tried again with the second email address - it worked!

    Vielen Dank, HP

  • piotr

    piotr says:

    It worked for me. If you already have an email registered at le Club You have to use a different one.

  • errorlurker_2236

    errorlurker_2236 says:

    i mean, i just got it and thanks for that.. but this loyalty program does indeed suck!

  • john

    john says:

    I became a platinum member, but how do I get this free night?

  • errorlurker_2248

    errorlurker_2248 says:

    There's no free night, buddy.

  • antti

    antti says:

    Got it. Dont know if it is worth anything. It does not seem to be as good as Hilton Diamond membership.

  • cptunderpants

    cptunderpants says:

    Works like a charm, thanks again HoliayPirates!

  • kc

    kc says:

    Thank You! Working!

  • tom-lewis

    tom-lewis says:

    Not working, signs up to classic

    • tom-lewis

      tom-lewis says:

      Logged out and back in and its working

      • agne

        agne says:

        how you mean it is working? because for me was the same - signs up to classic

  • lm

    lm says:

    I get "Incorrect information." on step 3, does anyone know why?

  • signol

    signol says:

    "The given promotion code is not useable any more" :( Shame, I signed up while it was good, too late for my wife.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      I'm sorry to hear that :-(. But thanks for the information, i just updated the article.

  • tom-lewis

    tom-lewis says:

    Anybody checked there account lately? Mins has been revoked!

  • Alex51

    Alex51 says:

    My account is not platinum anymore... it went back to classic. Is there anything that can be done?

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