LOT: Crazy Wednesday - up to 50% off selected flights

LOT: Crazy Wednesday - up to 50% off selected flights

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Pirates Ahoy! All Wednesdays are crazy at LOT Polish AirlinesEvery week, you can buy a ticket up to 50% cheaper!

Update: Its Wednesday again! This weeks 'Crazy Wednesday' has already started and lasts until tomorrow midnight.

This Weeks Promotion:

  • Warsaw to Brussels, Vienna, Munich, Hannover, Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest or Kiev for 444 PLN & up - roundtrip incl. taxes
  • Brussels, Vienna, Munich, Hannover, Frankfurt to Warsaw €95 - roundtrip incl. taxes
  • Prague to Warsaw 2466 CZK
  • Budapest to Warsaw 27,600 HUF
  • Kiev to Warsaw $109

This weeks promotion fare is valid for travel to Europe between 14th December 2012 - 15th January 2013.

Please visit LOT Poland, LOT Belgium, LOT Germany or LOT Czech for flight booking enquiries.


  • ali_1914

    ali_1914 says:

    6 pm polish time?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Yes. The promotion starts in around 90 minutes.

  • mrwolf

    mrwolf says:

    Thank you for your segnalation, but i have one question, i can't find the flights of this company from italian aeroports (ROME or MILAN).. Can you help me please?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      This promotion is only valid for flights from poland.

  • kod

    kod says:

    In the next week to PLL LOT arrive first purchased Dreamiler.

  • bart_2372

    bart_2372 says:

    Today promotion is starting at midnight!

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Hey Bart, that is what I wrote :)

  • maciej

    maciej says:

    You can buy flights also starting in other countries than Poland.

  • tadas-patalavicius

    tadas-patalavicius says:

    all travel must be completed by March 20, 2012. It's a mistake. I guess it should be 2013.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Thanks Tadas!

  • don-hutchison

    don-hutchison says:

    Can you tell me if Crazy Wednesday's discounts will be offered again for flights to and from the USA? Thanks

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