Lufthansa Flights from Italy, UK, Spain and more to Berlin for €63 & up return *EXPIRED*

Lufthansa is still offering €20 or £17 discount vouchers for flights departing from the UK,  Italy, Germany, Spain and more.


Update: There are new 20 Euro or 17 GBP vouchers available. Check the links below.

If you want to travel to Germany you can claim a discount voucher for both countries and simply book two one-way Lufthansa flights (separately / two bookings) and save between €30 - 40 on the regular fare.

With Lufthansa you can checkin 1 bag with up to 23kg and you'll get a drink and snack that suit your departure time and destination. 

Cheapest Flight Routes:

  • London to  Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for for €90 / £73
  • Milan to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €63 & up
  • Rome to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €63 & up
  • Bologna to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €63 & up 
  • Barcelona to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €69 & up
  • Valencia to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €69 & up
  • Stockholm to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €68 & up
  • Helsinki to Berlin / Munich / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt and vice versa for €68 & up
  • and many more!!!

Of course you can use the voucher also for other destinations. Lufthansa provides a really nice tool called 'Trip Finder'. You can find the tool on (Offers & Ideas -> Trip Finder).


Please use to find the cheapest hotel rate for Berlin or any other destination. Use the box in our right hand sidebar or visit

Claim your voucher code:

Please visit for flight booking enquiries.

Sample Bookings:

Milan - Berlin for only €28.77 incl. taxes

Oneway flight from Milan to Berlin under €30

Berlin - Milan for only €33.62 incl. taxes

Oneway from Berlin to Milan with Lufthansa very cheap!



  • peter

    peter says:

    Can you please post the link for the coupon

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      This must be a joke ;-) otherwise please read the article again. (Claim your voucher code.....)

  • sflms

    sflms says:

    Sorry but when i'm claiming the second voucher it says one has already been sent to my e-mail, i tried to change the e-mail account but it doesn't work anyway. Do you know if i ask in other person's name it still works for me?

    • sflms

      sflms says:

      understood already..sorry!

      • admin_114

        admin_114 says:


  • peter_4551

    peter_4551 says:

    With this code I need to be registered in Spain when flying from Barcelona. So it's useless for me.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Hmmm, not really, I was able to book several flights from other countries. Maybe they changed something. Where to do you get this information? You have to generate a voucher for Spain and Germany.

  • lorenzo_4593

    lorenzo_4593 says:

    Wow 52€ ar milan - berlin with two 20€ vouchers for the first week end of March! Booked:) thanks!

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Nice! :) Enjoy your weekend trip!

  • aj-green

    aj-green says:

    Germany Voucher is Dead :(

  • atef

    atef says:

    hi there! how can i get a lufthansa voucher for a flight from helsinki/finland ? there is no link for finland although you mentioned also a flight from helsinki to berlin for example

    thanks in advance

    best wishes


  • sara_14062

    sara_14062 says:

    Ah, this has expired!!!

    What do you think?