Open-Jaw Flights to New York City for €294 & up *EXPIRED*

Open-Jaw Flights to New York City for €294 & up *EXPIRED*

Brussels Airlines is selling open-jaw flights to New York City for €294 & up. All flights are operated by Brussels Airline, Lufthansa or United Airlines.

The travel period for this fare is 5th January to 31th May 2013. You have to book by 2nd January 2013.


  • Bologna - Brussels - New York City - Brussels
  • Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Hanover
  • Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Bologna
  • Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Hannover
  • Bologna - Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Berlin
  • Prague - Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Berlin
  • Prague - Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Munich
  • Copenhagen - Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Berlin
  • Hannover - Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Copenhagen
  • Venice - Brussels - New York City - Brussels - Berlin
  • and many many more!!! (Please use to search for dates or other routes)
Note: You can only 'waste' the last flight (leg) you can't 'waste' any other flight (leg), otherwise the rest of the ticket will be canceled.

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Flight Booking:

Please visit,,, or for flight booking enquiries.

You have to use the 'multi-destination' flight search.

Sample Bookings:

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  • jan_3621

    jan_3621 says:

    Can't seem to find any dates for Brussels - NY - Brussels - Hannover/Bologna/... Could you post an example for this track?

    Thanks for your work on this site, it's awesome!

  • thib

    thib says:

    Example flight departing from brussels (period around 1-14 april)?

  • admin_114

    admin_114 says:

    Please use to search for dates or other routes. Its really easy to use it and its the best tool.

    • ad

      ad says:

      could you pls post instructions on how you search for these routes? Is it literally a matter of trying all possible combinations or is there a simpler way of doing it? How on earth would you even think of entering Prague – Brussels – New York City – Brussels – Munich as the route?

  • tc

    tc says:

    What about for New York - Brussels/etc - London?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      nothing, sorry

  • nutaro

    nutaro says:

    is there anything for Hannover -> Brussels -> NY -> Hamburg?

  • steve

    steve says:

    Is there any problem luggage wise? If you waste you last flight, will you be able to get your luggage at the stopover? How do you arrange this? Anyone got any experience with wasting flights?

  • johnny_3332

    johnny_3332 says:

    anything for/from miami and/or chicago?

  • johnny_3332

    johnny_3332 says:

    Something to update:

    Your first example works on (294€) while on (same route, same dates) it's 400€.

    Bologna - Brussels - Chicago - Brussel (several dates in april) is 337€.

  • ruben

    ruben says:

    I found bru-montreal-bru-bologna for 337euros for Easter! Danke Admin! :)

  • las

    las says:

    Is it working for the following short period as well? JAN18-21. Thank you in advance.

  • thib

    thib says:

    I have to depart from brussels, but i can't seem to find something

  • peter_3659

    peter_3659 says:

    Does anyone know if it is somehow possible to book a return flight for 2014? I'm going to do a one year trip through the us and this price seems perfect, but I'd have to use it as a one way ticket..

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Its not possible Peter,sorry!

  • erakles

    erakles says:

    I heard someone called the airline, therefore the offer expired. is that true?

  • young-pirate

    young-pirate says:

    Hmm, I'm looking for BRU-JFK-BRU-BLQ with the intention to drop the last flight. Dates somewhere between 22/23 Jan to 30/31st Jan/1st Feb. Sadly I can't find anything under 400?

    How do I look for those flights using Matrix? Just try all kinds of different days - or do I have to try other options on my last leg and hope that the price drops?

  • matthew

    matthew says:

    TRN-BRU-JFK-BRU-NCE 316€ 22/04 - 30/04 on

  • stijn

    stijn says:

    BRU-JFK-BRU-TXL 310 euros via 19/03-28/03

    now i just have to find out how to "waste" the last leg of my flight from brussels to berlin AND getting my luggage back in brussels :)

  • agnes

    agnes says:

    can you drop the first part of the flight when you book ie : Bologna - Brussels – New York City – Brussels and just get on the flight in brussels?

  • tom_3761

    tom_3761 says:

    Is the deal still up because I can't find anything for the period 30/3 - 14/4?

  • thib

    thib says:

    I need one in the period 28/03-15/4, departing from brussels. someone?

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