Open-Jaw flights to Abu Dhabi for €145 & up *EXPIRED*

Open-Jaw flights to Abu Dhabi for €145 & up *EXPIRED*

Alitalia is offering very cheap open-jaw flights to Abu Dhabi for 145 Euro & up - round trip incl. fees and taxes.

The fare is valid for travel after 1st December 2012 but the cheapest flights are in June 2013. The sale ends on 5th January 2013.


  • Prague - Rome - Abu Dhabi - Rome - Frankfurt 145 Euro & up
  • Prague - Rome - Abu Dhabi - Rome - Munich 148 Euro & up
  • Prague - Rome - Abu Dhabi - Rome - Frankfurt 140 Euro & up
  • Prague - Rome - Abu Dhabi - Rome - London 160 Euro / 130 GBP & up
  • Prague - Rome - Abu Dhabi - Rome - Paris 160 Euro / 130 GBP & up
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  • rene_3703

    rene_3703 says:

    Alitalia is close to bankruptcy.

    Tickets might soon become worthless.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      There are insurances for around 5 euro which cover this.

  • piratesru

    piratesru says:

    If booked at (italian version of Alitalia web-site) you can get further 20% off this fare! Use promocode XMAS20 for the flights between Jan 8 and March 27.

  • bede

    bede says:

    What insurances are recommended? I have a flight with Alitalia in March and am a little worried now!

  • andrea_3711

    andrea_3711 says:

    Thanks Berlusconi, we could sell Alitalia to Air France at a decent price and now we'll gie away for a fraction of that...

  • stevic

    stevic says:

    Any date in februar ?

  • zuikis

    zuikis says:

    The best way to be secure in case of airline's bankcrupt is to pay by credit card. In this case, bank will refund the lost money for the tickets.

  • magnus

    magnus says:

    Just a heads up for people booking these routes:

    I booked during the previous launch promo (a couple of months ago) for the new AUH route (on, flying BLQ-FCO-AUH AUH-FCO-LHR in February 2013 (EUR 163.94). I've just received an email from Alitalia stating that the AUH-FCO sector has been cancelled, and that I will be contacted by customer services in due course.

    I'll wait to see what they have to say before passing judgment, but I'm just glad I haven't booked any hotels, nor transit to BLQ yet. Tbh I hope to get the whole ticket refunded now, seeing as I bought a LGW-DXB-SGN SIN-DXB-LGW flight leaving a few weeks later.

    Again, I don't know what they are going to say yet, but for those who are weighing up whether it is worth saving a bit of money to fly with Alitalia, there is the possibility of some hassle to go with it. Those who are fully flexible will probably not be impacted either way.

    Anyone else been contacted re any of their sectors being cancelled?

  • sherwin

    sherwin says:

    Very risky booking one of these flights with all those bankruptcy rumours flying around.

    That PROMOJP madness didn't help when they had to honour all those flights from EUR 0,01 upwards.

  • bargainfly

    bargainfly says:

    It's a fake deal It won't be honoured. Don't waste your time...

  • nick_3732

    nick_3732 says:

    I found one combination (flying from and to FCO) which requires a stay of 6 hours in AUH. I need a visa for U.A.E. but in this case I will not enter the country, just staying in the airport, so no need of visa. Basically this layover will just be as a normal transfer between flights (yet it will be on the returning flight, probably on the same aircraft). Do you think that I will be let to fly from FCO to AUH without having a visa? The whole purpose will be just flying for fun and miles, of course. But will the agents in FCO understand this?

    • stephen_3735

      stephen_3735 says:

      If you need a visa and your passport doesn't get you a visa waiver entry then they may not let you board your outbound flight. You may have to enter the country if your aircraft goes tech and your luggage won't be tagged through because you will be on 2 sectors outbound and inbound. I think this is correct

  • stephen_3735

    stephen_3735 says:

    Just booked prg.auh and auh.fco.lhr in June for £130 each. Wicked price. Thanks Alitalia

  • dan_3741

    dan_3741 says:

    because alitalia and ethiad codeshare flights, does that mean if i book with alitalia, then i can use the free ethiad bus service from abu dhabi to dubai? any ideas?

  • omar_192

    omar_192 says:

    what dates for the £130 flights, all I can find is £275

  • daniel_1235

    daniel_1235 says:

    @Dan: yep, etihad&partners benefit of the free bus, just show the ticket to the driver before boarding the bus.

  • andrea_3746

    andrea_3746 says:

    300 Euro for 2 in March:)))))))) Budapest-Rome-Abu Dhabi-Rome-London Thanx HPirates:)

  • dan_3741

    dan_3741 says:

    one last question. which online travel agents are all you guys using? just incase alitalia do go bust or these fares get cancelled i would get my money bk?

  • andreas

    andreas says:

    300 Euro for 2 in March:)))))))) Budapest-Rome-Abu Dhabi-Rome-London Thanx HPirates:)

    Where did you booked that??

  • ingrosso

    ingrosso says:

    Think these have gone back up now? If anyone can post any dates that are still working that'd be great.

  • daniel_1235

    daniel_1235 says:

    Deal is over, mateys.

  • smash

    smash says:

    it's a fake

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