Open-Jaw Flights to Las Vegas for €390 / £319 & up *UPDATE2*

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways offering cheap open-jaw flights to Las Vegas for only €390 or £319 - round trip incl. taxes. Open-jaw means that you’ll return to a city other than the one you departed.

The fights can be found only on a very few booking sites. I've found them without any problems on You have to use the Multi-Destination flight search (Flight only -> more search options – >multi-stop, airline, class, etc). If you're looking for a cheap accommodation in Las Vegas, check the current 10% Expedia voucher but always compare prices on

Update: You can book flights for travel until the end of April 2013 and you can also return to Dusseldorf instead of Brussels for €420 & up. Today is the last day you can book this fare!

Update2: Some flights from Amsterdam arrive at London City Airport or London Heathrow. If you book one of this flights, you have to change the airport in London, because the flights to Las Vegas depart in London Gatwick. This might be a little bit tricky and you'll need a couple of hours for it. So if possible please book only flights from Amsterdam to London Gatwick (I've found a lot). Thanks lindzi.


  • Amsterdam - London Gatwick - Las Vegas - Manchester - Brussels
  • Amsterdam - London Gatwick - Las Vegas - Manchester - Dusseldorf
  • Please check for other routings and more sample dates
Fare Details:
  • Travel period: February  - April 2013
  • Book by 2nd January 2013
Sample Dates:
  • 4 - 24/2/2013
  • 11 - 17/2/2013
  • 6 - 24/2/2013
  • 1 - 10/3/2013
  • 2 - 10/3/2013
  • 4 - 10/3/2013
  • 13 - 24/3/2013
  • 8 - 14/4/2013
  • 22 - 28/4/2013
  • and more

Please visit for flight booking enquiries.

Sample Booking:

Las Vegas:


  • stephane

    stephane says:


    I have check with MATRIX AIR FARE the same trip that you write with the same date and all the time I get this answer: No flights found !

    Did you know why ?

    Best regards

  • stephane

    stephane says:

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I found the problem.

    I check with MATRIX the whole route: Amsterdam – London Gatwick – Las Vegas – Manchester – Brussels. So I get the answer no flight found.

    But when I check only Amsterdam - Las Vegas / Las Vegas Brussel it's works !

    Best regards.

  • gaetan

    gaetan says:


    Thank you a lot for all these posts that make our travel planning so much more exciting! I was wondering if you were able to search for open-jaw flights using the calendar on Matrix? When I put advanced routing codes, I am not able to find this fare...Could you share with a screenshot? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


  • alan

    alan says:

    Hi there,

    I might be being a bit stupid here but i for instant your a UK based passenger would you have to get the flight from Amsterdam or could you join it at its gatwick connection? and same going for the return leg?

    • jane-k

      jane-k says:

      Alan: You would need to take the first segment from Amsterdam. If you don't, your whole ticket will be void as you would be counted as a 'no show' in Amsterdam. For the return leg, you can miss the Manchester - Brussels flight but you must make sure that your luggage is carried through only to Manchester (do this in Las Vegas check-in).

  • lindzi

    lindzi says:

    you'll have to travel from Londen Heathrow to London Gatwick.. Aren't there any other option so you don't have to transfer between airports?

    Changing airports looks tricky (and takes up to 3 hours)

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Thanks lindzi, I've updated the article. But there are also flights without airport changes.

      • lindzi

        lindzi says:

        any example dates without an airport change for april? i haven't found any

        • admin_114

          admin_114 says:

          only with a layover in London

          • lindzi

            lindzi says:

            did you find any dates AMS - LGW - Las Vegas? Without Heathrow?

            • admin_114

              admin_114 says:

              As I told you before, only with a layover in London (more than 12hours stopover) :)

    What do you think?