Open-Jaw Flights to Lima for €352 / £286 - round-trip incl. taxes *EXPIRED*

Open-Jaw Flights to Lima for €352 / £286 - round-trip incl. taxes *EXPIRED*

Are you looking for cheap flights to Peru? TAM is offering open-jaw flights to Lima for 352 Euro / £286 – round-trip incl. taxes.

Update: There are still a few dates available. Please check the new sample dates below.

Open-jaw flight means that you’ll return to a city other than the one you departed. All flights have a stopover in Sao Paulo.

The fare is valid for travel until 15th June 2013 but I could only find flights in April 2013. You have to book by 10th January 2013 but seats are limited so don't hesitate too long. Please check for a connection flight to London and/or Milan.

Please check the sample dates below, if your looking for other dates, you can search for them on


Milan (MXP) - Sao Paulo (GRU) - Lima (LIM) - Sao Paulo (GRU) - London Heathrow (LHR)

Sample Dates:

Milan to Lima (via Sao Paulo)

Lima to London (via Sao Paulo)

About TAM Airlines:

The airlines is rated with 3 out of 5 Stars by Skytrax. Almost all flights from Europe to Brazil are operated with a Airbus A330 with a average age of 7.5 years or Boeing 777 with a average age of only 2.4 years.


Please use to find the cheapest rate for you preferred hotel in Lima. Use the box in our right hand sidebar or visit and Expedia are offering 10% discount codes right now.

Flight Booking:

Please visit for flight booking enquiries. You have to use the Multi-Destination search.

Sample Bookings:

Just click on the image open the booking. 

Machu Picchu near Cusco Peru:


  • matt_4019

    matt_4019 says:

    I booked for £261, CDG-GIG-SCL-LIM-LHR with 10h stop to visit Rio.

  • umair_3300

    umair_3300 says:

    Hi Matt.

    Can you provide dates and details of each leg to get that price.


  • ingrosso_585

    ingrosso_585 says:

    Can people please post the dates they managed to book. Be interesting to see if there were other dates outside April.

  • matt_4032

    matt_4032 says:

    The above dates appear to be £360 now?

  • matt_4032

    matt_4032 says:

    For the avoidance of doubt I am a different Matt to the first poster and also interested to know the dates Matt booked.

  • niels

    niels says:

    anybody suggestion for July 2013

  • tsanyo

    tsanyo says:

    I just booked it through for 475 USD :) My dates are 8-26th of April, but there is the same price with return on 28, 29, 30; there used to be the same price for going on 5th, but it is now higher... Good luck everybody, see you there! Thank you, HOLIDAYPIRATES! :)

  • vaaali

    vaaali says:

    i'd like to know from and to which countries you could fly... is there anyway to fly to peru from countries near austria?

  • sofiadylan

    sofiadylan says:

    Depart: April 8th/5th/4th Return: May 7th = €435,-

    Milan - Lima - London

  • vaaali

    vaaali says:

    what do you guys think will a 2 week or 1 month stay cost there (with food, cheap hotel and so on)? 500 or 1000 € or even more? How much € do you add per week?

  • lina

    lina says:

    I just booked CDG-SSA-LIM-LHR for €403, 13th of March to 13th of June. SO excited! Thank you so much for the tip!

  • marx

    marx says:

    I found through MXP-GRU-LIM-LHR for 495 USD, June 4 to Jun 19.

  • umair_3300

    umair_3300 says:

    Lima trip details: Flight Amount due at booking: £304.00 Flight Flight 1 Tue, 5 Mar Total time: 20hr 20min Depart 20:55 Milan , Italy Malpensa Airport (MXP) Terminal 1 Stop 1 05:15 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo , Brazil Guarulhos Intl (GRU) Terminal 1 Change planes. Layover: 3hr 0min

    TAM Airlines 8063 Economy Airbus A330 12hr 20min Meal: Dinner; Breakfast Depart 08:15 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo , Brazil Guarulhos Intl (GRU) Terminal 1 Arrive 11:15 Lima , Peru Jorge Chavez International (LIM)

    TAM Airlines 8066 Economy Airbus A330 5hr 0min Meal: Breakfast This is an overnight flight.

    Flight 2 Mon, 18 Mar Total time: 20hr 15min Depart 13:05 Lima , Peru Jorge Chavez International (LIM) Stop 1 19:55 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo , Brazil Guarulhos Intl (GRU) Terminal 1 Change planes. Layover: 3hr 55min

    TAM Airlines 8067 Economy Airbus A330 4hr 50min Meal: Lunch Depart 23:50 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo , Brazil Guarulhos Intl (GRU) Terminal 1 Arrive 14:20 London , United Kingdom Heathrow Airport (LHR) Terminal 1

    TAM Airlines 8084 Economy Boeing 777 11hr 30min Meal: Dinner; Breakfast This is an overnight flight.

    Your current trip cost Flight Adult: 1 £246.00 Taxes and fees £58.00 Total trip cost £304.00 Currency Converter Additional airline fees may apply. Trip Information Flight

    TAM Airlines Leave Tue, 5 Mar 2013 Return Mon, 18 Mar 2013 Milan (MXP) > Lima (LIM) Lima (LIM) > London (LHR) More Flight Details


  • eve

    eve says:

    Hi, I have booked a flight to Peru before ( ) through the and I have a question about baggage. I have to buy it seperate? Is it not included in the price? What`s about a hand baggage?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Hey Eve, who said the baggage is not included?

      • tsanyo

        tsanyo says:

        Yes, I have the same issue - I booked now, and then I checked my reservation at TAM's website and it says at each of the flights BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: 0 and it offer to pay for luggage USD 120 per flight, a total USD 240... and I checked for hand luggage - they only allow 5kg... :(( and I did not find a contact e-mail to ask them... any idea what I can do (besides paying the USD 240)??

  • dave_4100

    dave_4100 says:

    I am looking for flights between 9th March to 24th March, but cannot find any dates in March or April that are cheap. Have they all gone?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      I think there all gone. The last available dates are in the article. Cheers

  • geert-leysen

    geert-leysen says:

    Do you also get miles for these kind of flight offers?

  • vaaali

    vaaali says:

    What about the luggage now? When booking there is highlighted that " Baggage fees are NOT charged at booking" and i get to following site for TAM Airline Luggage fees:

    Does anyone know more? I want to use a <23kg luggage, do i have to pay extra?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      But there is clearly written, there are only extra charges for excess baggage. Flights from Europe include '2 pieces - max weight 23 kg (50) lb each'.

      • tsanyo

        tsanyo says:

        At my reservation it is very clearly written that: BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: 0, yes on the e-bookers page it says that there should be 2 pieces of luggage for flights from Europe, but it also says to finally check with the airlines. I guess that because of the low price the luggage is somehow excluded, I mean - it obviously is, at least in my case. Anybody else booked and have luggage included?

  • dave_4100

    dave_4100 says:


  • juan_122

    juan_122 says:

    Still alive. 12 march - april 12. Via sao paulo. Milan-SP-Lima Back to London.

  • daniel_4202

    daniel_4202 says:

    cant find flights :((

    how do you find dateS??

    • claudia-alejandra-moscoso-vasquez

      claudia-alejandra-moscoso-vasquez says:

      hi i live in london and i would like to book a flight to Lima, for march or april, but each time i tried the prices are 500 pounds or more ... dnt know what im doing wrong :(

      • admin_114

        admin_114 says:

        This deal is expired sorry! All cheap flights are sold out!

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