Open-Jaw Flights to Mumbai for €319 & up - round trip incl. taxes

Open-Jaw Flights to Mumbai for €319 & up - round trip incl. taxes

Royal Jordanian Airlines is offering cheap open-jaw flights to Mumbai (India) for €319 & up. All flights have a short stopover in Ammann.

There are also flights with a very long stopover in Ammann. Please make sure not to book one of this flights, you might need a visa to stay that long in Ammann.

The fare is valid for travels commencing before 20th March 2013.  Thanks to Sébastien and Mindaugas for sharing this flight fare on our Facebook Fanpage.

This time there are several routings available, check them out below:


  • Barcelona or Madrid - Amman - Mumbai - Amman - Paris 319 Euro & up
  • Barcelona or Madrid - Amman - Mumbai - Amman - Vienna 328 Euro & up
  • Barcelona or Madrid - Amman - Mumbai - Amman - Frankfurt or Berlin  343 Euro & up

Sample Dates:


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Flight Booking:

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  • umair_3300

    umair_3300 says:

    Dont forget everyone that you need a VISA for India... I am Pakistani, so I got no chance of getting in :(

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      That's right, but you need a Visa for almost every destination in Asia.

    • mike-kennedy

      mike-kennedy says:

      Not if you are Indian... :)

  • umair_3300

    umair_3300 says:

    That true.. but a lot of middle east (UAE, Egypt etc) you can get a visa at the airport and the same goes for Far-East.. but for India you have to apply prior to your trip and it can take up to 6 weeks. Either way, that is an amazing price !! Keep doing what you do!

  • dana

    dana says:

    For Europeans there is no problem to get Jordan visa upon arrival.. Amman makes a beautiful stop on the way!

  • lea

    lea says:


    I coudnt find cheap flights in juli till august :( has somebody another good idea about airlines and india in this time?

    thanks a lot

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Hey Lea, this fare is only for travel commencing before 20th March 2013.

  • matt_4032

    matt_4032 says:

    It seems if booking directly via the royal Jordanian site, you get improved cancellation terms? Have I missed something?

  • flyertalk

    flyertalk says:

    RJ has these prices to Mumbai for several months now. I bought it 4 months ago BCN-BOM-PAR for 298€ for RT in November. As far I know that was lowest price on this route. I am not happy that also this "secret" revealed, but what can I do... I am regular flyer and also surf the Net searching deals more then 10 years for 6 - 8 hrs on daily basis (it's also my job), but now, it seems, with help those pirates websites every punk can fly for bargain.... Saying "no pain, no gain!" does not work anymore in this world

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Isn't this a little bit selfish?

  • stephen_4182

    stephen_4182 says:

    Fly&live you are very selfish, there are people who work on this website to help others find deals that otherwise they might not be able to find. Why should you have all the special fares and others not? This website has enabled me to book a flight I wouldn't normally afford and I'm very grateful. You should be grateful for others as well. You can save money on your trip to Bom, but isn't it nice that someone else can as well? Or am I missing something. All humans are created equal by God, that's my belief

  • toxa

    toxa says:

    Booked 3-21 March 539 pound for 2 return. Love it. Cheers Admin.

  • pedro_5138

    pedro_5138 says:

    Hey Admin! Do you think that the 1h overlay in Amman is enough to get to the next flight, when going to Mumbai? Dont you have to through security? What about the bag? Is it dispatched for you?


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