Open-Jaw Flights to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro €353 / £289, Buenos Aires €438 / £348 and many more *EXPIRED*

Open-Jaw Flights to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro €353 / £289, Buenos Aires €438 / £348 and many more *EXPIRED*

Are you looking for cheap flights to South America? had found a very great fare for non-stop open-jaw flights to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from 353 Euro with TAM - roundtrip incl. taxes.

Open-jaw flight means that you’ll return to a city other than the one you departed.

Update: The sale is extended until 14th December 2012! I added a few new sample dates and destinations.


  • Madrid - Rio de Janeiro - London
  • Madrid - Buenos Aires - London
  • Madrid - Sao Paulo - London
  • Milan - Rio de Janeiro - London
  • Milan - Sao Paulo - London
  • Milan - Buenos Aires - London
  • Madrid - Rio de Janeiro - Paris
  • Madrid - Sao Paulo - Paris
  • Milan - Sao Paulo - Madrid
  • Milan - Rio de Janeiro - Madrid
  • Madrid - Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro - London
  • and almost any other TAM destination in South America
TAM flys to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre, Brasilia and many more. This trick works for almost every TAM destination.
Fare Details:
  • Travel restrictions: 1st March 2012 - 15th June 2013
  • Sale restrictions: book before 14th December 2012

Sample Dates:

  • 5/3 - 18/3/2013
  • 5/3 - 21/3/2013
  • 10/3 - 18/3/2013
  • 9/4 - 19/4/2013
  • and many more

Looking for other dates? Just ask!

About TAM Airlines

The airlines is rated with 3 out of 5 Stars by Skytrax. Almost all flights from Europe to Brazil are operated with a Airbus A330 with a average age of 7.5 years or Boeing 777 with a average age of 2.4 years.


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Please visit, or for flight booking enquiries.

How to book the flights?

You have to use the multi-destination search of Expedia:

Open Jaw

Sample Bookings:

If you want to book one of these flights, just click on the picture.

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  • ana-maria

    ana-maria says:

    Hi! i'm looking for a flight to Rio departing on 1st of June 2013 returning on 15 June, from Europe. Any cheap suggestions? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Hey Ana-Maria its hard to find cheap flights if you're have specific dates in your mind. For those cheap flights you have to be a little bit more flexible. I've found 3rd - 13th June (Milan - Rio - London) for around 380 Euro

  • veronika

    veronika says:


    I´m searching for flights in summer 2013 from EU to south america (for a 2month trip). Departure would be most probably somewhere mid-end of July, flight back in September.

    I appreciate any help or hints.. Thanks, Veronika

  • agron

    agron says:

    Hey Man, Love what you trying to do here. some of the deals are utterly amazing. Am trying to find cheap flights to West Coast of USA, for July-August 2013, but, the prices seem so high. Any tips?

  • ingrosso_585

    ingrosso_585 says:

    Another fantastic find! If this was from June - August I'd be all over this! Keep up the good work.

  • ana-maria_2902

    ana-maria_2902 says:

    I've searched again ( on expedia & tam site) with the dates and you've specified and I've only find 700 euros and + rates. How do you make your search? Any tips? Thanks!

  • patricklaw2

    patricklaw2 says:

    nice fare!!! and saw some DOJ are available.


    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Thanks Pat! This trick is working for all TAM destinations in South America!

      • patricklaw2

        patricklaw2 says:

        Indeed. I tried to work on SCL/LIM for someday, but base fare is too high It is pity, I missed the nice fare 4 days ago also TAM departed from US to SCL...

      • andrea-alessandrini

        andrea-alessandrini says:

        hello, some info for lima or quito avril or june everyday works (around 25 days travel)

  • amigokin

    amigokin says:

    And what about the other way around?

  • sush

    sush says:

    I needed a flight to Buenos Aires in June (2 weeks ideally). Any options?

  • agritourism-farmstay

    agritourism-farmstay says:

    Looking for a RT from NRT to any italian airport, arriving 1str half of march, departing first half of june, any suggestions?

  • jan_2913

    jan_2913 says:


    really great what you are doing here!!! I love this page!

    I am looking for some cheap flights to Rio in the beginning of January for me and my family. We would like to stay about 10 weeks and are flexible with the dates...

    It would be two adults, one kid at the age of 4 and one baby (w/o seat)...

    I would be so thankful, if you could find some good prices...


    • jan_2913

      jan_2913 says:

      @Admin: It would be really nice if you could help me on that one... everybody is desperate to go back to brazil for some time, but of course the price of the ticket is a big issue...

      • admin_114

        admin_114 says:

        Hey Jan, please just check I don't know any cheap fare for the beginning of january,sorry!

        • jan_2913

          jan_2913 says:

          Hi Admin,

          thanks anyways... I´ll keep checking prices and hope to find something nice...


  • sim

    sim says:

    Are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro the only two citys where it's possible to fly to/from? If so I would like to get to Rio de Janeiro and get back from Sao Paulo. The city in Europe doesn't matter so much, but if Madrid, Milan, London and Paris are all of them, I would prefer Madrid and London. The possible travel time is from beginning of march to 12th of April and should be at least 4 weeks. haha, that's a nice work sheet, would love if somebody could help me. I don't find good results. cheers!!

  • laura

    laura says:

    question to admin: I just booked a great ticket, thanks a lot!! But I have a questions however: why are certain dates so cheap and then, if I try one week before or one week after the price is double? is this error fare or something else? is there any chance TAM won't fly the cheap tickets? thanks a lot!! Laura

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      This is something like a 'error-fare', its called 'fuel-dump. No worries, TAM will let you fly, they had this error several times in the past. I guess the tickets a week before or after your trip are sold out.

  • rak

    rak says:

    Hi bit of topic but do you have any deals to Mauritius that you are able to find using this open jaw method? Im looking for a cheap deal next year and cant seem to find anything similar to these types of prices.....

  • fabio-morgado

    fabio-morgado says:


    Is there any option from Europe to Sao Paulo for June or July?

  • akos_2937

    akos_2937 says:

    Is it still valid. At the end of the process I get an error message that my request could not be processed. According to Expedia call center these offers do not even exist in real, they are only visible through the web.

  • sergio

    sergio says:

    @ pAT

    what you mean by that - some DOJ are available!? what is DOJ??

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      DOJ = Double Open-Jaw - Example: Madrid - Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo - London

  • mp

    mp says:

    Thank you!!!

  • claudia

    claudia says:

    Hi! I'd be so thankful if you could recommend some (quite) cheap airfares around christmastime!

    thanks in advance!

  • margherita

    margherita says:


  • margherita

    margherita says:

    Hi i'm looking to Buenos Aires or San paolo flights in theese days 1-2 february till 7-8 february could you please help me to find some nice price? Italian airport departure or european cheapest airport departures Thanks a lot

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Travel restrictions: 1st March 2012 – 15th June 2013. Sorry!

      Check for other cheap flights.

  • sherwin

    sherwin says:

    Went to book this open jaw flight tonight at £280pp. Came back an hour later and it had suddenly shot up to £331pp WITHIN AN HOUR!!! :(

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Try other dates :-(

      • jeroen_2997

        jeroen_2997 says:

        @SHERWIN, try to delete your cookies. They capture your previous choice and will raise the prices if you select the same flights. It is a common trick online holiday sites use (because almost nobody buys the tickets the first time).

        • sherwin

          sherwin says:

          Thanks Jeroen. Just got back from work and checked again. They are now back down to £280. Hurrah! :)

  • hendrik

    hendrik says:


    thanks for the deal. Any opportunity to go back later ? Would like to fly in April and back in July :/

  • nicola

    nicola says:

    do I have to book "before" the 5th of december or can I book the flight "till" the 5th of december?

    thanks. Nicola

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      I'm really not sure. I would recommend to book before 5th December, just to be sure.

  • rob

    rob says:

    Hi Admin,

    Looking for some Dates from the 16th of March to the 1st of April - maybe with some days in the USA I cant find some way to look through it


  • sophie

    sophie says:

    Looking to stay longer than just one or two weeks. Everything as long as possible between 1st of march and 7th of April would be perfect. Thanks a lot for all the great offers!

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Hey Sophie you didn't say which destination but here is a example for Sao Paulo: 1st March - 7th April 2013 Madrid - Sao Paulo - London for 350 Euro (all direct flights). Link for

  • judith-fischer-wasels

    judith-fischer-wasels says:

    Hey Admin, I'm looking for a kinda lastminute flight from preferably Berlin (but can be anywhere from where its cheap in germany/europe) to Brasil (Rio, Sao Paolo or Bahia). Travel dates are end december to end of february. Thanks a lot, Judith

  • giorgio

    giorgio says:

    hi guys i am looking for a flight from italy or london,to buenos aires and back,departure after the 13 of january and back for the 27 of march...any offer??? thanks

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      This fare is only for flights after 1st March 2013. Sorry!

  • pedro_3184

    pedro_3184 says:

    Hey guys. Is it available a flight to Rio in August with this price? This price is great but the dates don't fit for me, unfurtonately:x

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      No sorry Pedro. Just wait a little bit more. Other cheap fares will come!

  • lukas-ramanauskas

    lukas-ramanauskas says:


    I'm interesting in any dates in may or april, but for longer time, 3 weeks or more.

    Thank you in advance.

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      The flights in April or May are a little bit more expensive. Try 22/4 - 12/5 for example for Madrid - Sao Paulo - London Heathrow.

  • william_3189

    william_3189 says:


    Really nice deal, but are there also flight for july and/or august 2013 from europa to any destination in South-America?? We want to stay several weeks in south america but departure en returndates are flexible.

  • roy

    roy says:

    You can fly before March 1st and it is still only £400! For peopl ein London, you can fly direct from Heathrow and then return to Paris and buy a £40 one way Eurostar for a smooth return to london perhaps after a nice day in paris!)

  • daniel_3204

    daniel_3204 says:

    Hi, I am looking for a flight to Fortaleza in February! Any help highly appreciated!

  • kathrin-susanne

    kathrin-susanne says:


    I'm looking for flights to Brazil from mid-April to mid-May....preferably to Porto Alegre. I'd be really happy for any kind of advice.

    Another question: Does anyone have experience with the "Brazil Airpass"? Recommendations regarding rates etc.

    Thanks everyone :-)!

  • vaaali

    vaaali says:

    Hi, I am looking for a fly to PERU. Date is not imporant. Can someone help m to find a fly there?

    Thanks in advance to everyone.

  • john_3219

    john_3219 says:

    Is there any option to buy a flight from Brazil to Europe for that cheap price?

  • diptesh-raithatha

    diptesh-raithatha says:

    What is the best time to go? I want to go to rio or Sao for 7 days but can't find any at £290 :(

  • ernesto_3225

    ernesto_3225 says:

    Hey I would like to go for Quito/Guayaquil in March, but for 2 to 3 months , it's hard for me to find something. I got an average of ~750€ when I'm searching.

    Thanks in advance!

  • fetzke

    fetzke says:

    Is it possible to start the trip in Sao Paulo or Rio?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      No sorry.

  • matthijs

    matthijs says:

    Hello, thank you very much for the information on this website! I have a question though: how would the prices of flights to buenos aires be if I would book it after today (the 14th), say in two or three weeks? Would they be much higher? Thanks in advance!

  • elliott

    elliott says:

    Hi I want to go to Buenos Aires in February 2013 and return to London in a year, so a 12 month return flight roughly, can be very flexible, do you get any deals like that???

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