We'd like to thank you! Win one of two return flights to New York City *UPDATE*

We'd like to thank you! Win one of two return flights to New York City *UPDATE*

Dear HolidayPirates, we would like to thank you again for your incredible support. Because of your likes, shares and comments on Facebook, HolidayPirates.com is gaining more and more users everyday. 

Update: The contest is over! Congratulations to: Alessandro Cicchelero and Liz Art, you have won a return flight to New York City. Please check your messages! Thanks again to all of you for your incredible support!

That's the reason why we want to give away one return flight to New York City to two users of our great community across our English (www.HolidayPirates.com), German (www.Urlaubspiraten.de) and Italian (www.Piratinviaggio.it) blogs.

How can I win a flight?

Please share this contest with your friends and and tell us what would you like to do in New York City, if you win one of the flights. E.g. 'I would visit the Statue of Liberty'. 

Here is a Link to the Facebook Contest Post

Terms and Conditions:

The contest ends on 27th January 2013. The flights to New York City can depart from Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Manchester, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Zurich, Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Berlin. Blackout dates: July, August and December.

No cash disbursement and/or an replacement of the prizes is possible, recourse to the courts is not permitted.


  • veneta-ivanova

    veneta-ivanova says:

    I`d like to see Statue of Liberty, Rockfeler center and Grand Central Terminal

  • emanuele

    emanuele says:

    I'd like to go to new york in order to meet my sister and to visit Columbia University, where i'd like to attend a phD

  • madeline-connolly

    madeline-connolly says:

    i would like to manhattan skyline a walk in central park

  • elaine-greenall

    elaine-greenall says:

    I'd hit the shops for a couple of hours and then spend the afternoon wandering around Central Park before heading out to Coney Island!

  • olivan

    olivan says:

    I`d like to meet my schoolmate :) And spend each day in discovery of NY!

  • sally-lea

    sally-lea says:

    I'd like to try and find my long lost friend Laraine, she lives there.

  • darya

    darya says:

    I would like to watch a musical on Broadway and visit the Ballet of New York ... And if I'd have the time, even do some dancing auditions :)

  • boubou69

    boubou69 says:

    I would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the skyline from the Empire State Building' upper floors and to enjoy a romantic dinner with my beloved one.

  • emma-cella

    emma-cella says:

    I would visit the Statue of Liberty and then spend the afternoon around Central Park

  • nam

    nam says:

    I would walk down Manhattan top to bottom, there are barely any cities where I feel like walking already intimidates me

  • karen-arnold

    karen-arnold says:

    i would love a once in a life-time trip to new york city it would be adream come true.

  • duke61

    duke61 says:

    NY is top of my bucket list

  • lieke

    lieke says:

    Once arrived in NY I would take a fab Sex & The City Tour, climb the Empire State Building, scream something like ¨Thanks, my darlings of Holiday Pirates!!!!¨ and then getting absorbed by the night life

  • german-gr

    german-gr says:

    I would visit the NY's ZOO and meet with Lion Alex from Madagascar :))

  • cheryl-lovell

    cheryl-lovell says:

    I would buy a pair of manolo blahnik shoes! Heaven!

  • davide_5164

    davide_5164 says:

    I already posted in Facebook...but maybe I need to do it here? Anywa...I'd like to go to the cake boss ^_^ and to see the Giants loosing a game, even if the NFL season is close to the end!!! :p GO COWBOYS!!!

  • hugh-mclaughlin

    hugh-mclaughlin says:

    I would have a beer and a dog off a street vendor

  • johnny

    johnny says:

    Mixing with the crowd (people), hearing the police sirens, see the "small" buildings, breathing the NY air, walking through Central Park and of course seeing a Broadway show...That's NYC, my travel destination.

  • neil-molyneux

    neil-molyneux says:

    Empire state building is what I'd love to see.

  • lauwchen

    lauwchen says:

    Good luck to everyone ! :)

  • claudia

    claudia says:

    I'd love to do a Sex And the City Tour around New York, spend some time in Central Park and grab something to eat afterwards in Soho! ;)

  • secret

    secret says:

    To say "Hello NY. Here I am at last":)

  • victoria-gooch

    victoria-gooch says:

    I would go and see a show on Broadway before going to the Empire State Building.

  • deborah-willis

    deborah-willis says:

    i would visit empire state building twice once in the day and once at night, i would visit ground zero and one world trade center. I would see a show. Shop in bloomingdales buy a little brown bag . Visit The Statue of liberty, and the brooklyn bridge .................

  • danielle-preira

    danielle-preira says:

    Shop, Shop, oh and yes more shopping xx

  • sandorne-csanki

    sandorne-csanki says:

    Én már jártam NY-ban 2001. 09.10-én szerencsémre. Akkor nem mentem fel az Empire State Building tetejére most szeretném bepótolni.

  • dawn-paddock

    dawn-paddock says:

    Well we spent 3 days in new york on our honeymoon, but sadly spent the whole time chasing up our luggage which never arrived at the airport. As such we never saw the Statue of Liberty, shopped in Maceys or took a ride on a horse and cart through Central Park. So if I won I would treat my husband to all the things we would have done on our honeymoon!!

  • susan-greig

    susan-greig says:

    Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Century 21, Time Square and if I'm really lucky perhaps a visit to Tiffanys and hopefully come out with a little blue bag :)

  • filipa-alexandre

    filipa-alexandre says:

    I would like to go and see Saturday Night live' and the walk in Manhattan

  • david-walker

    david-walker says:

    I would visit the Statue of Liberty

  • daniel_4202

    daniel_4202 says:

    I just want to party it up in the upper east side! It's all about dancing

  • andrew-fell

    andrew-fell says:

    Having recently recovered from two broken legs, I'd run round central park!

  • corinne-faulkner

    corinne-faulkner says:

    I would visit Times Square and party party party and seeing a comedy show :)

  • iqzero

    iqzero says:

    I would like to take a ride in that yerllow cab and go to KFC

  • gyula-berki

    gyula-berki says:

  • martin_5197

    martin_5197 says:

    Hello there, and thanks to youuuu for this amazing website!! :)

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this flight to NYC; here is my story: I met this AMAZING girl in NY this summer when I was there for one week last august. I met her by couchsurfing(an awesome way to discover a place, to share culture and to meet amazing people, I recommand to everybody) and after one evening spent together, the energy that we were sharing was just .... Magic!!!! The day after I had to take my bus back to montreal and then to take my flight back to France, there was "something in the air" unquestionably!!!!!!! I left New york with such a powerfull feeling. Surprise, she had booked a flight to go to PAris since June, so before our meeting, to come in october. Without a hesitation, I got my october free so I can spend time with her when she will come!! It was 2 crazy month to wait, but when finally she came it was just extraordinary....our first kiss was one a the train station; I was TOTALLY late just to take my train, for meeting I got the first day she was there, we were running so I can catch my train, the platform was totally empty, everybody were on the train, we stoped to say goodbye... we kissed while the whistle of the inspector was screaming in the hole train station!!! I will remember this moment for ever! We spend one week and half .... just wonderful, hanging out in Paris, discovering secret place of the french capital as American-French lovers, spending time in the french countryside from my childhood....!

    The only thing I expect now is to go there, I hope in summer and if I can get this AMAZING offer from you It would be Awesome, so that i can use the money I will save to just enjoy New York city with her and the CRAZY energy we have when we are together.

  • jackie-morrison

    jackie-morrison says:

    I'd like to walk the H line, visit Ellis Island, walk the length of Broadway, see a show and basically fill every minute - wow wouldn't it be great?! Good luck everyone! X ,

  • cdawg

    cdawg says:

    I would like to go to New York to pay my respects at the Ground Zero memorial for personal reasons.

  • caroline-pritchard

    caroline-pritchard says:

    I would love to see the Empire State building, visit Ground Zero, Statue of liberty and shop, shop and shop!!!

  • caroline-pritchard

    caroline-pritchard says:

    Shared on FB - Caroline Winner

  • janet-dixon

    janet-dixon says:

    I would love to do the Sex and the city tour :o)

  • louis-onghena

    louis-onghena says:

    I would love the flight because I could give my best friend in the world the opportunity to go. He's helped love myself for who I am and there is no way I can ever thank him enough. But a trip to New York would maybe come close!

  • rui

    rui says:

    I would love to discover NYC, the Museums of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenhein Galery and enjoy the spirit of big apple as a truly pirate!

  • stephan-foertsch

    stephan-foertsch says:

    I would throw myself on every woman in New York City! That's right, mothers lock up your daughters, daughters lock up your MILTSWANCAs, because I would visit the greatest city of the world! And heads's up, I might also swing by Five Guys to get a double cheeseburger! And this is important: If I don't win, I will kill a kitten. That means you can save a kitten by sending me to NYC!!

  • sten-berg

    sten-berg says:

    I'd like to go to Broadway and see a good Musical!

  • sirly

    sirly says:

    I'd love to see a musical in broadway and of course all the other tourist attractions such as Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty and so on .. ;)))

  • john-lynch

    john-lynch says:

    I would love to go to New York Comi-Con, and eat pizza, especially the pizza

  • amina

    amina says:

    Oh man... There is too much! I would try to do everything that will may come on my path!

  • sergios

    sergios says:

    In short: anything and everything I could fit in my schedule before leaving!

  • alexandre-dragoi

    alexandre-dragoi says:

    i would like to see a show on broadway

  • vlad_5237

    vlad_5237 says:

    I would like to see and live the Manhattan life! :)

  • paulo_5238

    paulo_5238 says:

    I would meet a pretty local and marry her Find a job as fiscal and become a new yorker!

  • roxanne

    roxanne says:

    I've never been to USA! So if I were to win the trip to New York City, I would like to visit it day and night, take a walk on Central Park, see the Statue of Liberty, take a picture in Times Square, eat a huge burger, shop at Victoria's Secret, shop some more and more and more and the best of all... see the Empire State Building at night

  • adela-costache

    adela-costache says:

    well, Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, in one word, everything

  • christina

    christina says:

    I would find 'THAT' big apple. And take a bite out of it, once and for all.

  • stephan_5268

    stephan_5268 says:

    I would like to just stroll around the city, taking pictures of the streetlife, and really enjoy the moment of being there.

  • steve-fitzpatrick

    steve-fitzpatrick says:

    Love to go to New york, what a prize!!!

  • giuseppe

    giuseppe says:

    I need a lot of luck, so I'd go to Bowling Green Park to touch the balls of the giant Bull !!!

  • simon-harris

    simon-harris says:

    I would love to win

  • sara_5291

    sara_5291 says:

    I want to go shopping, ice skating in Central Park, see a Broadway musical, and see the best that the city has to offer!

  • donatas

    donatas says:

    I would like to go boating in Central Park.

  • olivia

    olivia says:

    i would like to visit for the firt time with my boyfriend ( futur husband)...walk in the Central Park, visit Brooklyn, watch a musical in Broadway and find the best hamburger in NY!!!!

  • maikel

    maikel says:

    I would visit my best friend who moved to new york two years ago and havent seen her since

  • stevic_5319

    stevic_5319 says:

    i would like to go in Hard Rock Cafe in NY, and buy a t shirt from this cafe

  • rayna

    rayna says:

    Hi there, It would be a dream come true if I win this flight to NYC!I have always wanted to visit the statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park and the Empire State building. Most of all, this is going to be a great present for my boyfriend. I could really use a little time away, just the two of us together! It would be really amazing to get this offer from you. Fingers crossed !

  • mark-rayner

    mark-rayner says:

    I would do everything I could....Such a great place to visit.

  • tiana

    tiana says:

    I wish to go to see a gospel:)

  • stephen-holman

    stephen-holman says:

    id try and fit in as many sites as i could but a friend of mine has been and did a movie and tv tour where they take you to various famous sites from tv shows and movies!! i would LOVE to do that :)

  • suzanne

    suzanne says:

    Eat ice-cream while walking across Brooklyn Bridge

  • ash

    ash says:

    I'd like to party in Manhattan and come back 2 stone heavier!

  • zita

    zita says:

    I would visit my friend and MacLaren's Pub. :)

  • stephanie

    stephanie says:

    Five years ago I got really ill for almost a year. After that I had agoraphobia, even going into the garden made me very nervous. It was really bad for a few years, but I set myself a goal. I wanted to visit New York and LA and did everything to overcome the fear. If I could visit New York and LA, I could go back to university, that would be easy. And I did, went to New York and LA last march/april. I was so proud of myself. And I'm now back at university getting good grades. I got 30/30 ects for the first semester. If I'd win this trip to New York I'd visit everything again!

  • nikola-mastilovic

    nikola-mastilovic says:

    I'd go to McLarens and order a bottle of the newest whiskey they have 'cause new is always better! :D

  • kelly-martin

    kelly-martin says:

    I would enjoy a hotdog in central park, dance the five rhythms at the birthplace of the dance, I would take a tour with the big apple greeters and get to know the real New York.

  • carole-b

    carole-b says:

    flag down a yellow cab and see a broadway show

  • sam_5562

    sam_5562 says:

    I would love to finally locate and meet the woman I want to marry. She lives in NYC and I have never met her before.

  • peter_5644

    peter_5644 says:

    is there any special email adress or where i should post what i wanna do in big apple?

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      Please comment here or on facebook and don't forget to share the contest with your friends.

  • joe-dennis

    joe-dennis says:

    I want to get lost, walk down a road that wasn't on the planned path and stumble across something amazing. Take a risk with a restaurant that looks a bit tired and old, but realise its food has heart and a love that no high end 5 star dining experience could master. Immerse myself in a culture and a world different from my own, with its own characters, charms and flaws. I don't want everything to be perfect or cliche, but just to remember and look back on it with a smile and laugh when things didn't go to plan but in turn you become savvy about that town. I want to find the calmness in a city so packed with life and the uncharted areas of a city that have been walked over infinite times. I want to create my own guidebook filled with stories, experiences and memories unique to me.

  • vicky

    vicky says:

    I would do the Sex in the city tour :)

  • johnny_5303

    johnny_5303 says:

    I'd take a picture to Manhattanenge than go to Msg to see a Knicks match..

  • hyacinthe-rmblt

    hyacinthe-rmblt says:

    Ellis Island, Liberty Island, Central Park

  • zsofi

    zsofi says:

    I would like to visit Guggenheim Museum, see Friend's building and drink a coffee in Central Perk :)

  • dor

    dor says:

    Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (especially at sunset).

  • miroslav

    miroslav says:

    I would explore Brooklyn!

  • rosa_5672

    rosa_5672 says:

    I'd like to do everything there is do to do in New York! Cant't make a choice, it's like Sophie's choice.

  • peter_5644

    peter_5644 says:

    I would go to every single interesting place in Big Apple, spread my selfmade "Holidaypirates.com banner" above my head and ask any tourist to take a picture of me...then of course I will upload it on my and your time wall...I promise :)

  • epifanio-domingues

    epifanio-domingues says:

    New York, New York... like Frank Sinatra said, "I want to wake up in that city that never sleeps" I can imagine myshelf listening this music there and visiting all the iconic monuments like the statue of liberty, empire state building, ground zero... But first of all I would sit on the red stairs in Times square, watching the crowd, feeling the energy of the City. Then would be really prepared to live as a true American during some days, visiting all social "guetos", sharing your day... Would eat a typical American hotdog or an hamburger walking at the same time by the streets feeling like a little ant surrounded by skyscrapers or crossing by ferry boat between long Island and Manhattan... after to abate a few kilos nothing better than running in central park to feel healthy. To finalize i would wake up early in a sunday morning to going to the Harlem, watch the typical mass Gospel... Here are some words about what could be my American dream, lived by a young Portuguese

  • lucian-comandar

    lucian-comandar says:

    I'd like to have a walk in Central Park, walk on the Brooklyn bridge and take the NY metro

  • fa

    fa says:

    I'd go shopping and take a trip to Long Island

  • siobhan-obrien

    siobhan-obrien says:

    I'd love to stand in the middle of time square and watch the world go by.

  • lisa

    lisa says:

    I'd go on little adventures and explore as much as i could, including the Gugenheim, the Metropolitan, Broadway, a knicks game, Chinatown, shopping streets, Brooklyn, Long Island, ... just enjoy the food, drinks and discover as much as i could!

  • giedre

    giedre says:

    I would go to one of Broadway shows

  • irina

    irina says:

    I just want to visit the city of my dreams ...

  • lucie

    lucie says:

    I would do many things but I would not miss the chance to eat loads of good banana, blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes! ;)

  • matthias

    matthias says:

    I so want to surprise my friend Kim - who I haven't seen for almost 10 years - in NYC on the occasion of her 50th birthday! :o)

  • andy-hayes

    andy-hayes says:

    I'd go and see the New York Mets.

  • cristina

    cristina says:

    I would finally have a proper blueberry cheesecake!

  • joe_5724

    joe_5724 says:

    I'd head up the Empire State Building (cliched I know!) and then have a great steak.

  • joanne

    joanne says:

    Love to visit the house my grandparents once lived. Theo emigraties from the Netherlads

  • andrew-d

    andrew-d says:

    I would love to visit NY so I can surprise my Wife so she can go and visit her Grandma who she hasn't seen for 10 years.

  • iryna

    iryna says:

    I would just get wonderfully lost in the city... drink its frozen air, walk the bridges at sunset, stare at the passing people, enrol into sensations, smell fresh newspapers, coffee and the high-end cuisine and spontaneously enter philosophical discussions with taxi drivers... Feel the spirit of the city...

    There's no other reason to travel as to feel yourself happy joining the mood of the place around, reaching Empire state of mind... having New York under your skin.

  • mangostyle

    mangostyle says:

    New York the city where dreams are made of...I would lose myself in the crowds in Times Square and find the Naked Cowboy and offer him some British pants! Over the great Brooklyn Bridge I would watch the sunset, By night I will let the lights and skyline consume me… when my feet get tired from walking 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue and Broadway, I would seek refuge in the majestic oasis that is Central Park. And then off I’d go to pay tribute to Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi for giving the world the Empire State Building.

  • peter_4425

    peter_4425 says:

    Id visit all the places featured on Man Vs Food in New york and Brooklyn to see how much of a challenge they really are, followed by a trip to see Shrek the musical despite being a 26 year old grown man. Ill finish this trip by marrying an american lady so I can claim a US Green card... (some of this statement may be a lie, I will leave it to you to decide which)

  • sze-lai

    sze-lai says:

    Shop until I drop eat until I drop Soak up the feel of NYC Walk the streets in awe of all the high rise buildings

  • ivana

    ivana says:

    I want to see my best friend cause we didn't saw each other for 6 years and I miss him ...

  • kat-stephens

    kat-stephens says:

    I'd catch up with the Big Apple Greeter who has now become my friend and have a drink in the Marriot revolving resturant!

  • alberto-torres-hernandez

    alberto-torres-hernandez says:

    I Would live to visit the galleries in New York!

  • peter-odwyer

    peter-odwyer says:

    Times Square, Central Park, Empire State, Statue of Liberty as much as I could possibly see in the time I had there!

  • suzannah-attard

    suzannah-attard says:

    Shopping and sightseeing :)))

  • noelle-bourgoin

    noelle-bourgoin says:

    Just be there and ENJOY :)

  • sarah-mills

    sarah-mills says:

    I would shop in Macys

  • michael-finch

    michael-finch says:

    See New York Mets!!!

    • denis-sheahan

      denis-sheahan says:

      This is my dream city would love to visit anywhere from statue of liberty to Rockfeller centre to italian and chinese quarters to a walk in central park to a show in broadway and to finish off with a fab dinner with my wife on a rooftop restaurant at night admiring the manhatton skyline dream on dream on just maybe one day

  • debbie-timms

    debbie-timms says:

    I would going shopping in the most fabulous place in the world! x

  • linda-rothen

    linda-rothen says:

    Would love to win this prize it would make my year.

  • samantha-freeman

    samantha-freeman says:

    I would love to have a cart ride around central park

  • lesley-cohen-wright

    lesley-cohen-wright says:

    Would like to see ground zero and the holocaust museum.

  • liza

    liza says:

    I would enjoy every minute, act like a rockstar and go crazy on all the amazing things the city has to offer!

  • angelclimber

    angelclimber says:

    I would just eat an apple pie and a hamburger, simply.

  • fabio

    fabio says:

    I would like to visit the statue of liberty...

  • florence

    florence says:

    I would visit Central Park

  • isabelle

    isabelle says:

    id visit Brooklyn

  • lisa-ladym

    lisa-ladym says:

    It would be a dream come true

  • eleonora

    eleonora says:

    I'd like to visit New York because I want to walk in the parks, visit monuments, statue of liberty, shops, go to manhattan, watch a musical on Broadway and I would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the skyline from the Empire State Building’.. and a lot other things.. and... thing more important for me that I'd like to do.. is to live like a New Yorker, to know their routin, their food, their tradition...

  • admin_114

    admin_114 says:

    The contest is already finished! Please read the update!

    "Update: The contest is over! Congratulations to: Alessandro Cicchelero and Liz Art, you have won a return flight to New York City. Please check your messages! Thanks again to all of you for your incredible support!"

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