App now available for iOS and Android devices App now available for iOS and Android devices

Dear HolidayPirates, I hope everyone had an great New Years Eve. Many of you have asked for an app that provides easy access to our blogposts on

I'm very proud to announce, that our app is now available for iOS and Android devices. It's the first version of the app, so please be kind with your rating or review :-).  Of course, it's free, so please go ahead and download it from iTunes or Google Play Store and give it a spin. Be sure to accept push notifications so we can alert you to new travel deals as they arrive.

The HolidayPirates iOS and Android app offers the following:

✈ View up-to-date travel deals on your smartphone

✈ Setup filters for deals you're interested in like 'travels to North America between March and July 2013 for 850 Euros or less' and recieve a notification as soon as matching deals are found

✈ Get deal and travel advice from the comments of other users on (in the current version, you can only read the comments)

Please visit the iTunes Store or Google Play Store for free downloads.

If you're also interested in travels from Germany you can download our German app for iOS and Android.


  • marek

    marek says:

    And what about Windows Phone 8 app? But otherwise great news!

  • joost-den-brok

    joost-den-brok says:

    if I'm not mistaken you can choose travels to Asia or Oceania or even anywhere, but not for example to Asia and Oceania. couldn't you make that list so that several options are possible?

    and about the last comment about the German app, does that mean that the English app does not show flights from Germany?

  • adam_12791

    adam_12791 says:

    Requires iOS 5? If we're stingy enough to be on HolidayPirates, do you think we're going to be buying new iDeveices every year?!

    • admin_114

      admin_114 says:

      99% of the iphone users on our website (not the app) use iOS5 or higher. But we're working a new mobile design for the other users. ;-)

    • skawian

      skawian says:

      it's iOS which is operating system not the actual device

  • alex_14231

    alex_14231 says:

    Please make an app for Windows Phone

  • Dubliner

    Dubliner says:

    that's great news. Would it be possible to have the option to only receive push notifications for the city you live in? E. g. Only show flights from or to Dublin?

  • Londondesigner

    Londondesigner says:

    Yep an app for Windows Phone would be nice!  

  • Sebastian (Admin)

    Sebastian (Admin) says:

    Sorry guys there wont be a windows app. :-(

    • elha

      elha says:

      Dont be man !! your website is way good enough !!!!!!

  • kamaraharris

    kamaraharris says:

    cool site

  • stretch

    stretch says:

    wicked site

  • MariaNeil

    MariaNeil says:


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