Megabus Sale - Coach Tickets for £1/€1 (e.g. London to Paris or Amsterdam and many more)

Megabus Sale - Coach Tickets for £1/€1 (e.g. London to Paris or Amsterdam and many more) currently has a sale (unadvertised) with seats for only £1/€1 on the entire route network for travel between May - October 2013.

The booking fee is 50p per booking. If you book several travel at one time, you have to pay the booking fee just once.

It's surely not the most comfortable way to travel but the price is a stunner though: 1£/€1 for a one way ticket is really, really convenient. Another plus: 20 kg of baggage are included and you´ll be riding from city centre to city centre, whereas flying almost always means transfers, which usually cost extra.

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Thanks to Gintaras for sharing this deal with us on Facebook.

Sample Booking:

London to Paris return for £2.50


London to Amsterdam return for £2.50


How to book the £1 Seats?

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  • karunaharamoorthy

    karunaharamoorthy says:

    Thanks a lot! I just booked a bus trip from Amsterdam to London in August for £1,50 You guys are the best! :)

  • callum_15012

    callum_15012 says:

    can't seem to get it at that price

  • micaela

    micaela says:

    Hi, im trying to book, and is coming something like 44 pounds! how did us done it for 1 pound? is any special dates? thanks

  • raluca

    raluca says:

    Great !! - 4.50 pounds for round trip Brussels - London, for 2 :)

  • davie

    davie says:

    I know they normally do cheapest deals on a Wednesday probably the same with this...

    Torquay to London for £5 for me is good.


  • darya

    darya says:

    Just a hint, if you book a route including Europe, you better book on the website of this country (e.g. Belgium). Same price, but then in Euro (1 Euro instead of 1 pound !! ) . Only for the promotional ones; the others are adapted to the valuta change.

  • gianluca-orlandi

    gianluca-orlandi says:

    Great, I've just booked 4 return trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, Liverpool and Paris for just £8.50! Thank you.

    • ana_16260

      ana_16260 says:

      Which dates did u book?? =)

  • steven

    steven says:

    To make it clear - this is not a 'sale' but the release of their summer and autumn tickets. Until last week, the last ticket available was mid-May 2013.

  • david_15037

    david_15037 says:

    You snooze you lose with this one.

    Didn't expect the £1 fares to go so fast. Found some dates for me that worked over the August bank holiday for Newcastle to Bristol and then spent a couple of hours looking into whether the dates would work for me. Go back to book and the fares are £20 each way. I can fly there for little more than that so no thanks. Other dates may well be useless for me because I was relying on the bank holiday as a day off work since it's fixed.

  • charlie_15041

    charlie_15041 says:

    Hi I've tried to find £1 tickets from Manchester to either Amsterdam or paris and cant seem to find any? what dates did you guys book the trip for? i'd love to surprise my partner and this is in my budget so any help would be appreciated!! thanks :)

  • ian-m

    ian-m says:

    On Weds 3rd April 11:30am - I got:

    Manchester on Friday, 17 May 2013 to Paris for 1 passenger, returning on Monday, 20 May 2013.

    £25 each way.

  • bez

    bez says:

    I must admit, I wonder why anyone would do this. I can take a train from London to Paris (or Amsterdam or other places) in 2 hours for £69 return. That's 4 hours return instead of 16 hours return. Even if I only value my time at £10 an hour that's 12 hours more travelling which would work out to £120 more! Way more economical for me to take the train. Not to mention the convenience and comfort.

    • charlotte

      charlotte says:

      who are you booking those tickets with?

    • tom_15096

      tom_15096 says:

      Paris might be out for some but Amsterdam works out great. As far as I know with promotions its £99 and its 10h return. So by your calculations I get £12 for every extra hour on the train ... yes please :)

  • silvia_15252

    silvia_15252 says:

    how can i book it, because we wanna go to amsterdam and the price as not 2 pouns for two people

  • nicole_15596

    nicole_15596 says:

    i cant see any £1 tickets to Amsterdam......HELP :-(

  • ana_16260

    ana_16260 says:

    I checked several dates and i cant find any at 1 pound... probably the offer is over...

  • Morg
  • Cathal

    Cathal says:

    well I booked my £2.50 return train Liverpool-London for 25June2013

    it works out at a halfpenny per mile & only 2hrs 8 each way :))


    insanely cheap! :))

    • ayesha

      ayesha says:

      hey, how did you find the tickets so cheap? i cant seem to find any cheap tickets, theyre all expensive! please help!

  • Blinkst

    Blinkst says:

    Anyone selling their London to Paris ticket? Can you book cancellation tickets on the day?? 

  • mediechris2

    mediechris2 says:

    I would like to book cheap ticket from London to Brussels.

  • Shaun12

    Shaun12 says:


  • woodley

    woodley says:

    leeds to devon few times now good for the price £5 toilets are minging tho shud be bigger maybe less mess that way 

  • jaclyn777

    jaclyn777 says:


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