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Round-Trip Flights: Madrid - Miami - Rio de Janeiro - New York City - Madrid for only €495 *EXPIRED*

Round-Trip Flights: Madrid - Miami - Rio de Janeiro - New York City - Madrid for only €495 *EXPIRED*


American Airlines is currently offering nice round trip flights starting from Madrid via Miami, Rio de Janeiro, New York City from only €495 - round trip incl. taxes.

It is a good opportunity to explore America.

See the details below.


America Round Trip Timeframe: 3. Sep. 2013 - 31. Mar. 2014

  1. Madrid
  2. Miami
    Rio de Janeiro
  3. Rio de Janeiro
    New York
  4. New York
  • Details

    The flights are available from September 2013 to March 2014.

    You have to book your flights by 30th September 2013.

  • Sample booking

    Here is a sample:

    • Madrid - Miami: 19th September
    • Miami - Rio de Janeiro: 20th September
    • Rio de Janeiro - New York City: 24th September
    • New York City - Madrid: 27th September

  • Booking help

    You can find more dates by using the Multi-City search engine of the ITA Matrix Airfare Search.

    Just try some different dates to find your flights.

    Please add more flights by clicking 'Add another flight' until you have selected 4 flights.

    Enter origins and destinations and dates and select 'Plus/minus 2 days' from the drop-down menu for every flight for a flexible search.

    If you have found cheap flights, you can book them via Expedia.


    Scroll down to the bottom of search section and choose American Airlines as preferred airline.

    Thanks to 'netto' for this hint!

  • Accommodation

    I'd recommend to search for the lowest rates on,, or and to take a look at our list of general codes and promotions. Don't forget to check hotel reviews on TripAdvisor. If you are searching for an affordable private apartment, please check out

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