Priceline Express Deals - What It Is, How It Works *UPDATE2*

Priceline Express Deals - What It Is, How It Works *UPDATE2*


I wanted to write about the Priceline Express Deals much earlier, but somehow I forgot about it. Fortunately Priceline extended this service until the end of the month, which is an excellent alternative to bidding (Name Your Own Price).

Update2:  10% off Priceline Express Deals with the promotion code: PLAYOFFS (book by 2nd February 2013)

Update: The Priceline Express Deal Service is back!

The Express Deals service allows travelers to specify the amenities they are looking for in a hotel. You still don't know the exact hotel you are staying at until after the payment. Since there is no bidding involved, it's a little bit similar to, in my opinion. 

How it works:

First of all you have to type in your travel destination, your check-in and check-out date as well as the number of rooms you want to book.

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Right after you press the "Search Express Deals" button, Priceline shows you a webpage that lists amenities, such as a pool, restaurant, fitness center or free internet as well as the star level of the hotel and the area where the hotel is roughly located. You even see a guest satisfaction scores on a 1-10 scale and and a rate, still without knowing the name or precise location of the property.

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If you book a Priceline Express Deal and find a cheaper rate for this hotel, any time until the day before check-in, Priceline will match that price and give you in addition $25, with some conditions, of course.

Even if you still want to use the "Name your own Price" service of Priceline, you can use the Express Deal rates as a reference. 

Please visit for Express Deal booking enquiries.

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