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Sleep in a real life Santa Claus village

Lapland chalet with private sauna in Santa's village

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C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe·25/12/2022

Did you know you can sleep in a lodge in the heart of the Santa Claus' home village in Finnish Lapland?

The Santa Claus Holiday Village is located in the Arctic Circle, just 10km from Rovaniemi, making it a true wonderland for young and old alike.


  • Finland
  • Lapland


Access to this magical place is quite easy, since you can book a flight straight to Rovaniemi. The airport is just minutes from the accommodation and a free shuttle service is provided.

The village is made up of chalets, which are all heated and equipped - in addition to a private bathroom, kitchenette, terrace and television - with a bubbling private sauna, so you can enjoy the pampering side of Finnish culture.

Also on-site, you can find a restaurant open from morning to evening and a gift shop with goodies made by the elves of Santa Claus.

To complete the experience, the helpful elves on site can organise your activities: safaris by reindeer or dog sled, snowmobile or boat outing, skiing session, ice fishing, or even hiking, the list of possibilities is endless.

Check out the link below for more info on bookings. You can change the travel dates with your guide, making sure to keep a minimum of 2 or 3 nights as single night stays are not possible.

Please note: breakfasts and airport transfers are included in the price.

All that remains is to hope that you have the chance to watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky. To do this, you will have to cross your fingers so that the weather is good during your stay.