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Find Your Perfect Hotel: The Best Hotel Deals to Top Destinations 

No holiday is complete without the perfect place to stay. Whether you're walking the cobbled streets of small Italian towns, chilling on the beach in Mallorca, or having a little staycation in the U.K., you'll want to come back to a hotel that makes your experience even better—ideally without breaking the bank. 

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How do you choose the right hotel?

Regardless of where you're going, the selection of hotels is almost always huge. From cheap hotels near the airport to mid-range hotels on the outskirts of town to luxury hotels in the city center, there's a lot to choose from.

The location

The location of the hotel is often one of the most important factors. Depending on what you are hoping to do during your trip, if you want to save money it's best to start looking at cheaper locations—outside the city centre or not directly on the beach, for example. 

For instance, if you're planning a short weekend trip and want to spend most of your time exploring, you should try to stay in the city centre, but can compensate by booking a smaller (and cheaper) room.

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Amenities are often crucial—and we're not just talking about an electric kettle in the room. If you want a beach holiday, beachfront access and a pool will improve your experience significantly. If you're looking for a spa getaway, your hotel should have a sauna, a jacuzzi, etc. And if you're traveling with friends, a good pub around the corner wouldn't hurt.

The price

Unfortunately, when making your final decision about the hotel you want you always have to consider the price. It's not all bad,  though! Thanks to filter features, it can be quite easy to find a hotel that offers everything you are looking for—and at a reasonable price. 

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