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Winners At Holidaypirates: Pirates Hall Of Fame

What previous winners have to say

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"The best things about HolidayPirates is that you have competitions on a regular basis and that there are so many great deals, which you can also receive via WhatsApp. I always felt comfortable when I was in touch with the HolidayPirates team. I also enjoy browsing the website because it is very clear and full of dream destination deals."

David B.

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"Sad to leave NYC but so thankful for a trip like this made possible by HolidayPirates. The competitions are amazing, I always make sure to tell my friends to enter because you never really know if you have a chance of winning until you try, like me!"

Tiffany G.

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"What I like about HolidayPirates? There is no easier way to book a holiday. Your website is easy to understand and navigate, and you always have the best offers. I've already booked 4 trips on your website this year, and I 'll keep coming back to you. I wouldn't even consider booking anywhere else! I'm grateful that you exist! You're the best!"

Silvia S.

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"I love Holidaypirates for their unique deals, which don't only leave you speechless price wise, they are so individual that you will always find some amazing deals tailored to your specific needs and wishes. I am truly thankful and feel blessed to have this chance of a lifetime to be the winner of their Christmas raffle and fulfill one of my life goals - to get all pages of my passport stamped by the end of this year."

Janine K.

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"I love HolidayPirates because they always give you the best price for the trip of your dreams. Thank you for everything."

Serena R.

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to our Pirate Hall of Fame, where you can find all our lucky winners from past competitions.

Vanessa H from Ober-Mörlen
won a trip to Maldives

Kristel G from Heel
won a trip to the Caribbean

Dennis R from Nürnberg
won a trip to Singapore & Bali

Zoé A from Paris
won a trip to Berlin and two Base Flying tickets

Leonard G from Mörfelden-Walldorf
won a trip to Sri Lanka

Elisa, our World Parrot Trust Winner

Luca L from Polla
won his dream holiday

Bianca K & Dominik L from Austria
our Padlock challenge winners

Jennifer from Den Bosch
won her dream holiday to Gran Canaria

Julie M from Monchaux-Soreng
won a trip to US and Canada

Piotr B. from Warsaw won a trip to the Caribbean

Silas B and Celine R from Switzerland won a trip to Berlin and two Base flying tickets


Cristian from Rome who won a trip to Hawaii

Joanna and Marta from Katowice won Base Flying tickets and trip to Berlin

Francesca M from Rome won a trip to Lisbon

Max L from Arras won a trip to Zanzibar

Linda Z from Paris won a trip to Bali

Bianca C won a trip to Bali

Yannik K won a trip to India

Jessica G won a trip to Las Vegas

Sonia R won a trip to Cuba

Sina B won a trip to the Caribbean

Sabine G won a trip to Guadeloupe

Marie Luisa O won a trip to the French Riviera

Ieva R won a trip to Dubai

Lagina H won a trip to Jamaica

Wesley K won a trip to Cancun

Stefan V won a trip to the Maldives

Daniel N won a trip to Hamburg

Jasmin G won a trip to Punta Cana

Adan L won a trip to Bali