5 Feelings That Every British Tea Drinker Has Experienced

A deal from , 11. Aug. 2016 12:29 pm

Pirates, we've got some tea-breaking news for you today, stop the presses as it’s Afternoon Tea Week! In the spirit of John Roberts, the Welsh pirate who preferred tea to rum we're celebrating this week by looking at the whole range of emotions we feel whilst drinking the nation's favourite beverage. Be it a lovely Earl Grey, at a quaint tea room in a small countryside village, or a builders tea in a styrofoam cup at a cafe at the side of the motorway, it’s incredibly likely that we have all experienced these emotions at some point during our tea drinking careers.

1. When your morning cuppa hits the spot

2. Someone at work brings you tea and leaves the teabag in…

3. And when you over-do it with the sugar

4. Remembering that you’re not the Queen part way through your brew

5. And the first tea back home after being abroad

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5 Feelings That Every British Tea Drinker Has Experienced