Six of the most quirky UK staycations

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Pirates, we know you love a quirky stay right here in Blighty! From shepherd's huts to disused planes, nothing beats the novelty factor of finding some truly one-of-a-kind accommodation.

Now that spring is (kind of...) arriving, what better time to look for a trip a little more unusual on our very own shores? To inspire you, we've listed our top six quirky destinations for a mini break to remember with the kids, your partner or your besties!

Six of the most quirky UK staycations  - 10


WHAT? The Woodman's Treehouse

WHERE? Holditch, Dorset

If you thought tree structures were just for kids, you've obviously not clapped eyes on the most luxurious treehouse in the UK. Boasting a slide, rope bridge, hammock, outdoor shower, hot tub AND rotating fireplace, we think these elegant interiors might be a step up from the shabby bundle of wood you might remember...

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WHAT? Ochil Edge Glamping

WHERE? Perthshire, Scotland

This unique shepherd's hut is the getaway every workaholic needs. Rural but charming, this purpose-built hut is kitted out with a comfortable bed, an indoor fireplace and cooking utensils for rustling up a feast. Stick your "out of office" on, zone out and cozy up on the plush double bed with this stunning view across the Perthshire hills - zzzzz.....

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WHAT? Apple Camping Jet Star

WHERE? Tenby, Pembrokeshire

A flying visit doesn't have to be a bad thing! So if you know and love an aviation geek, we can't think of a better break that a stint in a converted Jet Star plane. Built in the 1970s, the plane retains all of its original features, including a bar area, cockpit with x-box and a first-class cabin for a double bedroom. Well, do you ever really grow out of wanting to fly your own plane....?

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WHAT? Jack Sparrow House

WHERE? Falmouth, Dorset

This hut might look too small for even a hobbit, but this quirky Jack Sparrow House includes everything you could need, with a snug setting including a mezzanine double room and seating/kitchen area. Like something straight out of a fairytale, you won't get bored in the surrounding area, either; the surrounding area boasts breathtaking views overlooking Falmouth Bay and the Lizard Peninsula.

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WHAT? Finn Lough

WHERE? Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Of all the incredible accommodation facilities offered in the Finn Lough resort, our tip pick has to be the ultra sleek bubble domes. Complete with 180 transparent walls and a transparent roof, these bubbles allow for stargazing aplenty when darkness falls - it even comes with a telescope! We reckon this is the ideal spot for exchanging busy city life for the peaceful beauty of the Emerald Isle!

Six of the most quirky UK staycations


WHAT? Dairsie Castle

WHERE? Fife, Scotland

Step up the gothic glam on your next group getaway with this actual 12th century castle. Just a stone's throw from the picturesque seaside town of St. Andrews, Dairsie Castle has been built up from ruins into a plush, spacious home with a historic twist. For rowdy guests, might we suggest a stint in the castle's very own dungeons?

We hope you're feeling inspired to swerve your next hotel staycation and get in touch with your adventurous side!

Where are your favourite quirky staycations?

Six of the most quirky UK staycations