7 movies to ignite your wanderlust!

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Does watching a movie sometimes leave you with the desire to pack your bags and get on the next available flight? Whether it's a long distance Rom-Com, an adventure thriller or a breathtaking documentary, there are many good movies that give us serious wanderlust. We have chosen a film for each continent that brings out our inner backpacker, explorer or adventurer. If these films also give you the travel bug you can book your next flight here!

Africa- Nowhere in Africa

We begin with a tearjerker. This 2001 film is about a German Jewish family who escape to Kenya to start a new life. A beautiful story plays out in the breathtaking African landscape.

Antartica- Encounters at the End of the World

Encounters at the End of the World is a documentary by Werner Herzog, as he travels to the McMurdo Station in Antartica. Here he discovers the stunning beauty of the people and animals that live on this continent. If this doesn't help put Antartica on your bucket list, we don't know what will!

Asia- Eat, Pray, Love

After a painful divorce a woman takes off on a round the world adventure which becomes a quest to re-discover herself. She nourishes herself with food in Italy, prayer in India and to her surprise, love in Indonesia.

Europe- The Way

A powerful, touching and inspirational story about a father who travels to recover his son's corpse. Eventually the father decides to walk the same Pyrenees trek that took his son's life. The father then finds he is not making this pilgrimage alone.

Oceania- Tracks

Another story of self-discovery. This 2013 film based on a true story sees a woman trekking almost 2,000 miles through Western Australia, accompanied by four camels and her loving dog.

North America- Wild

A story about great tragedies and the literal journey that is life. In what seems to be a popular recent theme for travel movies, Wild sees the heroine trekking the Pacific Crest trail from Mexico to Canada.

South America- The Motorcycle Diaries

In 1952 a 23 year old called Ernesto Che Guevara was about to finish university. He decides to embark on an 8,000 km long dream motorbike tour throughout South America. This film is the dramatisation of his 4 months on the road which would shape his whole life and the future of world politics.

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7 movies to ignite your wanderlust! - 6
7 movies to ignite your wanderlust! - 4

7 movies to ignite your wanderlust!