Airport sleeping pods with NETFLIX to be installed in European airports

A deal from , 11. Jun. 2018 9:39 am

Pirates, it's safe to say that airports aren't known for their comfortable surroundings. We've all been stuck lying on cold floors, contorting around chairs and even using our hand luggage for pillows.

But later this year, the airport game will be truly stepped up when travellers will have the chance to enjoy catching up on slumber in the lap of luxury.

Step forward, Airpods!

These sleek, self-contained capsules are designed to give sleepy travellers a spot to recharge in comfort. Available to rent for an hour at a time, these futuristic pods might look like drag racers, but are about to make layovers and delayed flights a whole lot more comfortable.

Airport sleeping pods with NETFLIX to be installed in European airports

Image credit: Airpod

Inside, travellers will find a deluxe chair, which can be folded down into a comfortable bed, as well as a host of power source sockets for recharging for the next flight. Travellers can also enjoy air conditioning and air purifiers inside the capsules - perfect for rehydrating after the stuffy environment of the plane.

For the business traveller, these pods are also the place to get work done, with a desk and speedy WiFi.

But if you ask us, the best part of these plush pods is the TV screen, which can be used to tune into Netflix. What better way to de-stress during a long layover than with an episode of Stranger Things?

Additionally, the Airpods are cleverly designed to reduce airport noise, creating a blissful escape in the middle of the chaotic departure lounge. But even in the tranquility of these pods, travellers will remain connected to what's happening in the airport, and can set an alarm for when it's time to head to your gate and board the plane. No excuses for napping and missing your flight, then.

But don't go booking your long-haul flights just yet. These plush pods are still under development and no details have been released on which airports they'll be popping up in.

Either way, one thing's for sure - when they do, we'll never sleep on the airport floor again.

Airport sleeping pods with NETFLIX to be installed in European airports