Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings Nationwide

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Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings Nationwide

We read about this sometime ago and agreed with many that it was a really splendid idea and considerably thoughtful too. Why should any child with learning difficulties or disabilities be discriminated against simply because sitting through a full length film can be a challenge for them.

After reading up on the subject and hearing the wonderful stories of how children who had never been able to go to the cinema before because of the long list of distressing encounters it entailed such as the queuing for tickets and being plunged into darkness were finally able to enjoy the big screen. Something we all take for granted huh!

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This if course then has a knock on effect of the carer who can relax a little and not be concerned about disrupting other viewers in this care free environment. 3 of the main stream cinemas Cineworld, Odeon and Vue hold monthly screenings specially for autistic children along with Showcase who also participate in specialist screening. Odeon was the first cinema group to encourage autistic screening and are now trialling screenings for adults on Monday evenings at 6.00PM following the Sunday screenings. A great site is Dimensions UK who have some up to date and important information for people with Autism and learning disabilities so be sure to check out their site.

Screening Dates & Time:

Cineworld - First Sunday of each month 11.00AM

Odeon - Once a month at 11.30AM

Vue - Last Sunday of each month 10.00AM

Showcase - Second Sunday of each month 10.00AM

So what makes these screenings different?

  • Lighting will be kept on during the screening
  • Volume levels will be reduced
  • There will be no advertisements or trailers
  • Seating will not be allocated
  • Customers will be allowed to bring in their own food

Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings Nationwide

Current Shows & Information:

  • Cineworld - BFG - 7 August 11.00
  • Odeon - Finding Dory - 14 August 11.30
  • Odeon - Jason Bourne - 15 August 18.00
  • Vue - The Angry Birds Movie - 28 August 10.00
  • Showcase - Finding Dory - 14 August 10.00

We think this is a fantastic idea and think the cinema industry is taking a step in the right direction setting out a great example to other companies. If you know of any other attractions that are following suit or have some interesting activities that are autistic friendly let us know so we can share it with the world :)

Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings Nationwide