Best Destinations For Runners

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Whether you're a daily jogger or casual running enthusiast, lacing up your running shoes while you're on vacation is a great way to take in the scenery. As summer is here and the incredible weather continues, we thought we'd offer a few suggestions on some fantastic locations around the globe that cater to the running community.

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1. San Diego, USA

Sunshine, palm trees, and incredible year-round weather makes San Diego a top city for runners. Jog through beautiful Balboa Park, which boasts over 65 miles of trails, or hit the beach and complete the 11-mile loop around Mission Bay.

San Diego offers plenty of variety for runners of all levels, fantastic viewpoints, and picturesque backdrops. Why run on a treadmill when you have options like the Pacific Coast Highway?

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2. Vancouver, Canada

This Canadian city doesn't mess around when it comes to running, and hosts over 31 marathons each year. If the weather is nice, enjoy the 11-mile loop around the seawall for a taste of ocean and city. Take the Grouse Grind and run 1.8 miles up the side of a mountain for a great view.

Whether you're looking to jog through a temperate rainforest, such as Stanley Park, or around a peaceful lake, this city has you covered.

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3. Copenhagen, Denmark

A notoriously flat city, Copenhagen is an excellent choice for beginner runners. A popular trail begins and ends at Nyhavn right by a waffle shop, and takes you past many monuments like the famous Little Mermaid statue.

Looking for a little competition? Fælledparken often has free timed 5km runs through the park–making this run not only beautiful, but a great way to gauge just how well you keep pace.

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4. Pamplona, Spain

If a jog through a city or past a body of water doesn't get your heart pumping enough, head to Pamplona for a real adrenaline rush.

Prefer to run the route without the crowds? Just plan your trip before or after the annual Running With the Bulls, which takes place each year between July 6th and 14th. This beautiful city offers many other running trails, most of which cater to newer runners and revolve around very flat paths.

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5. Sydney, Australia

Sydney offers some of the most scenic running trails in the world, and has options for everyone. Looking to run with locals? Head over to the Harbour Bridge for an iconic Sydney experience accompanied by incredible views of the Opera House, Botanical Gardens, and more.

If you prefer some beach vibes with your run, take the path from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach, where you can end your run with a dip in the ocean.

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Best Destinations For Runners

Best Destinations For Runners