Blue Monday: 7 of the most depressingly named places in the world

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Today is Blue Monday. Billed the "most depressing day of the year", this date marks when we're all feeling the peak of our post-Christmas comedown.

Us pirates are feeling it too! The tree is long gone, the Quality Street finished and the festive season seems like a prosecco-filled, distant memory. The Christmas spirit is truly over and we're back at work with a big, underwhelming thud.

Being in lockdown again might have killed the party spirit for good, but these places sound miserable in lockdown or not!

Pity Me, Durham, UK

With a name ringing true to the feelings of many on the morning of January 1st, there are several theories on Pity Me's origins. According to the Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names, it is "a whimsical name bestowed in the 19th century considered desolate, exposed or difficult to cultivate". It may have also been a shortened version of an earlier place name. Either way, we feel a bit more blue just looking at it.

Pity Me

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Disappointment Island, Auckland, NZ

If your Monday is going so glumly you feel like jumping ship to NZ, here might be the best place for you. One of seven uninhibited islands on the Auckland Islands archipelago, Disappointment Island has been the site of numerous boat wreckages.

Death, Finland

Potential theories behind the name of this Finnish village include the murder of a local inn-keeper, or an old Finnish children's rhyme. It doesn't have a church, a school, a library or even a cemetery. DEATH doesn't even have a cemetery! You couldn't make this up.

Mount Hopeless, South Australia

Does being back at work feel like climbing Mount Hopeless? Good news - you could go and climb the real Mount Hopeless, based in the remote Australian outback. The name hails from an unsuccessful expedition of the area, after which an explorer wrote that he had "ascended mount hopeless", unofficially christening an entire mountain.

Nothing, Arizona, USA

Nothing is a ghost town. Located in the Arizona desert off Route 93, the heat has bottled the infrastructure to decay. At its peak, Nothing had a population of four whole residents, but now its main inhabitants are a whole load of...nothing. Nothing has nothing.

Misery, Germany

Another glum destination is the ironically picturesque town of Misery. Formerly the holiday destination of the secret police in former East Germany, Misery is now a popular destination for hikers. Fittingly, Misery sits at the foot of Brocke Mountain - "Broken Mountain". Sounds cheery.

Dull, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Nestled in the heart of the Perth and Kinross, Dull is surprisingly un-dull. Situated in the Scottish Highlands, the village and its surroundings are the site of Highlands Safaris. Dull is also partnered with Boring, Oregon, and Bland, New South Wales.

So at least they have a sense of humour about it - just what we need for Blue Monday.

Blue Monday: 7 of the most depressingly named places in the world