Buy a house in Italy for €1!

A deal from , 25. Dec. 2020 4:04 pm

You read that correctly, Pirates, you can buy an actual real genuine house in Italy for the crazy price of... just 1€ (90p)!

The pretty village of Castropignano, topped by a ruined medieval castle, is the latest community to offer up their empty houses for super cheap to encourage people to move to the area.

However, this village is doing things a little differently to other places that have had similar schemes -- rather than selling to the highest bidder, each buyer has to email the mayor and tell him what you'll do with the place!

Major Nicola Scapillati said: "I don't want my town invaded by a property stampede or to turn into the latest housing speculation deal."

"I welcome anyone who would like to purchase a new home here to email me directly."

Fancy living la dolce vita? Drop him a message here with your plans: [email protected].

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Buy a house in Italy for €1!

Buy a house in Italy for €1!