Dust off your apron: 6 virtual cooking classes you can do from home

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Stuck at home and binging on biscuits? While it might not be possible to head to your favourite restaurants at the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t have top-quality food at home. For the kitchen-shy and the confident home chef alike, here’s our top picks for virtual cooking classes to take your socially distanced dinners to the next level.

Pasta making — Nonna Nerina

Dust off your apron: 6 virtual cooking classes you can do from home

If you’re dreaming of homemade pasta, who better to teach you how to make it than an 84-year-old Italian grandmother? A popular Airbnb Experiences host, this grandmother and her two granddaughters will teach you the secrets of pasta-making over the course of this two-hour class.

Cost: 50 euro

Book here

Baking — Bread Ahead

While classes at this Borough Market baking school often sell out, you can learn how to make favourite dishes like bagels, bread pudding, and shortbread through their live courses in Instagram. Just head to their website, get the ingredients listed, and tune into their Instagram Live at 2pm to follow the class for free.

Cost: Free

See courses here

Cookery courses — Borough Market

Bread Ahead aren’t the only ones in the market offering free cooking classes — you can head to the Borough Market Instagram every day at 1pm for a different live demo or community event. Follow along with some of your favourite chefs as they walk you through dishes you can make from home.

Cost: Free

Follow their Instagram here

Pickling, brewing, and preserving — It’s Alive with Brad

It’s Alive with Brad is a Youtube channel that follows Bon Appetit’s Brad Leone as he makes all kinds of “alive” dishes, from sourdough bread to ginger beer to fermented hot sauce. Since many of these recipes are lessons in patience (often requiring a few days to a week for fermentation or pickling to work), they are great for those stuck at home and looking for a long-term cooking project.

Cost: Free

See Brad's videos here

A perfect Netflix pairing — Binging with Babish

If you’ve been wrapped up in your Netflix queue and neglecting your kitchen, find the perfect marriage between the two. Follow along with Babish as he recreates the most iconic foods from television and movies, whether it’s cannoli from The Godfather, ram-don from Parasite or the Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants. Now you can finally eat those on-screen foods you’ve been drooling over!

Cost: Free

See Babish's videos here

Cocktails, cocktails & more cocktails — Steve the Bartender

After all that work cooking you deserve a break — and what better way then with a quality cocktail. Steve the Bartender walks you through how to make quality cocktails at home, and helpfully divides his videos based on your liquor preference. Espresso martini for one, anyone?

Cost: Free

See Steve's videos here

**And one more**

Jack Monroe’s Lockdown Larder

Chef Jack Monroe has taken to Twitter to help those in lockdown make meals from the odds and ends in their pantries. Tweet @BoostrapCook with a list of your available ingredients to see if she can help you cobble together something from those neglected items at the back of the fridge

Follow Jack here

Dust off your apron: 6 virtual cooking classes you can do from home