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😎 "Easiest job in the world" on a paradise island 🏝️

The picturesque island invites you to take up "the easiest job in the world". Experience is not required. The selected candidate will live in this luxury hotel.

Applications close on 31 March!

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Jackie Sparrow·29/03/2023

"Easiest job in the world"

Pirates, this job seriously sounds like the dream. Aruba's Caribbean Tourism Authority is looking for 2 people to cover the weather on social media. The island has great weather - Aruba has more sunny days than any other island in the region, the sky is pretty muh always clear and sunny, and the only "anomalies" an employee should report are the appearance of single clouds. So if you like a challenge, this job is NOT it, everyday will pretty much look the same (cocktails, sunshine and beaches), and that's why it's "the easiest job in the world"!

The job lasts for 7 nights, so it's basically week's vacation in Aruba. The "weather presenter" will spend time there with an accompanying person at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Aruba Resort. The luxurious hotel is located on Eagle Beach, which is considered one of the most picturesque in the world. It is distinguished by white sand, turquoise sea and quaint fofoti trees that tourists love so much.

Candidates interested in working in Aruba must register at In addition to registering for volunteers, you also need to complete a recruitment task: "the best 30-second weather report from Aruba." Applications can be submitted from now until March 31. No experience is expected from the candidate.