Florida Holidays: Some Hints and Tips

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Florida Holidays: Some Hints and Tips

Are you hoping to take a holiday from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? If so, you should give some serious consideration to Florida as your destination of choice. However, understanding the benefits of this pristine location as well as planning ahead are two important areas to address. So, we have put together a handy Florida travel guide to help you make the best decisions possible. Let us take a closer look at this magical location.

Visa Requirements

First off, it is important to note that the maximum amount of time that any British citizen can remain in Florida is 90 consecutive days. You will need to have a valid and readable passport. Also, there may be a chance that you can apply for what is known as an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ETSA). You should enquire about this possibility through your travel agent or the local American embassy.

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When to Visit

Of course, Florida is warm and inviting throughout the year. this is particularly appropriate when referring to southern locations such as the Florida Keys. There are still some times that are better than others to take your Florida holidays. Most travel guides will advise you to avoid the months from August until October. There are a few reasons for this suggestion. First, these are the times when the majority of tourists will be visiting. Secondly, these summer months are extremely hot and humid. Thunderstorms occur almost daily. Most importantly, this is considered to be the height of the hurricane season. So, it is best to visit in the late autumn or between the months of February and June.

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Where to Visit

Of course, this is naturally up to you, your friends and your family. If you are looking for fun in the sun, the best spots tend to be the Florida Keys, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Still, your Florida holidays would never be complete without seeing such sights as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, The Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom. However, it is best to plan ahead depending upon the amount of time that you wish to spend and where it is that you are staying. Take a look at the numerous online Florida travel guides for more ideas.

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Natural Beauty

Any worthwhile Florida travel guide will remind you that there is much more to do than cultural attractions alone. One the contrary, this extraordinary state is home to some of the most diverse and well-preserved ecological systems on the planet. If you are a lover of nature, a great place to view this majesty up close and personal is by visiting the massive Florida Everglades. Covering an area of no less than 1,900 kilometers, you will have the chance to observe crocodiles, alligators, sea turtles, the Florida panther and even manatees. Many of these species are found nowhere else on the entire planet!

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Aim for the Stars

Another key attraction to look at in this travel guide is the Kennedy Space Center. This is the famous location that was once home to the launches of the Space Shuttle. While the programme is now retired, visiting here will provide you and your family with a unique insight into space exploration. The visitor complex offers daily tours of this location as well as the nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. As the centre was purposely located away from major population centres, you may even be lucky enough to see an American bald eagle during your stay. If you want to dazzle your family during your Florida holidays, this location is a must-see attraction.

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Sand and Surf

Of course, you should never miss out on the endless stretch of beaches to be found during your holidays. Many travel guides claim that this state has some of the most pristine and beautiful locations in the world. A handful of the most popular are Destin, Naples, Sanibel Island, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. If you are looking to get away from the throngs of tourists, more secluded locations such as Keewaydin Island are great options.

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Where to Stay

You will have a choice of a number of hotels depending upon your location. However, most Florida travel guides point out that this state is known for its high-class boutique properties. These are excellent ways to enjoy a more personal experience and many are located at or very close to the beach. The prices encountered may also be much cheaper than the more well-known establishments such as Hilton or the Marriott. As always, book ahead to enjoy the most amenable rates. Take a look at the distance between these boutiques and transportation hubs such as bus stops and train stations to make certain that you are not inconvenienced by distances. You should always price compare your hotel rates as often price comparison sites can shave of hundreds of pounds for the same room a great tool to use for this is Trivago, Hotels Combined, Momondo and Skyscanners. If you are wanting to try something new you should consider airbnb.

Florida Holidays: Some Hints and Tips

Handling Money

First and foremost, never exchange your pounds for dollars at the airport. The rates are much higher. Instead, make this change before leaving the United Kingdom. Keep an eye on the dollar-pound relationship to take advantage of agreeable rates. It is also advisable not to carry around an inordinate amount of cash. Your Florida holidays can quickly be ruined if it is lost or stolen. The best option is to use credit cards and travellers cheques. These are highly secure and if they are lost, they can easily be cancelled. We have written an in-depth guide on spending money abroad in the following articles 'Best Credit Cards: How To Spend Money Abroad Without The Crazy Charges!' & 'Prepaid Cards That Don’t Bite Into Your Wallet!''

These are some of the top tips mentioned in many travel guides. By putting them all together in one package, it has never been easier to enjoy a stress-free holiday in the sun. Planning ahead will provide you with memories that are certain to last you a lifetime.

Florida Holidays: Some Hints and Tips