FlyBe go into administration. What this means for your travel plans

A deal from , 5. Mar. 2020 8:26 am


In the early hours of this morning, 5th March 2020, FlyBe have announced that they will cease trading with immediate effect.

Passengers with un-flown tickets/future holiday bookings are being advised NOT to go to the airport as no flights will be operating and assistance may be limited.

We'll do our very best to make sure you have the latest information as this news develops.

Are all holidays and flights cancelled?


Will I get a refund from FlyBe?

It really depends on what you booked and how you booked it. Passengers are being advised to contact The Civil Aviation Authority if you booked an ATOL Protected package holiday or your credit card provider if you booked flight-only. It is also worth checking your travel insurance policy to see if this scenario is covered.

I have an ATOL protected package holiday booked for the future. What happens now?

ATOL Protected passengers with future bookings are entitled to a full refund for their cancelled holiday. The Civil Aviation Authority will be launching a service to manage all refunds asap, once the flying operation has progressed. This refund service will seek to process all refunds within 2 months of receipt of a fully completed claims form.

Can I get a refund from my credit card provider?

Yes. If you booked your flight with a UK credit card then you are covered by a handy bit of law called Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This law means that the supplier and your card company are jointly responsible for the delivery of the goods or services you paid for on your card. In essence, now that FlyBe has ceased trading, your card company must give you your money back if the transaction was over £100.

If you paid with PayPal you can open a dispute and request your money back. However, there's no guarantee. In all these cases you'll only get a refund for the FlyBe flights that you purchased. Any other costs for alternative flights or cancelled hotel bookings will not be covered.

If you still wish to travel you may be able to find alternative flights.

Can I claim on my travel insurance?

Potentially. Many travel insurance policies will cover the financial failure of your airline or travel provider. You'll need to contact your insurance company and follow their claim procedure to lodge your claim.

Will FlyBe re-book me on another airline?

No. As they have ceased trading.

What about EC/261 delay compensation?

Unfortunately, because the airline is ceasing operations, things don't look good for their financial future. It's likely that any compensation you were due will now become another claim against the assets of the airline, much like if you had a ticket. You're unlikely to see any money.

FlyBe go into administration. What this means for your travel plans