Holidays to Gambia - the ultimate Gambia experience

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Holidays to Gambia - the ultimate Gambia experience

G'day Pirates! You may have noticed that, here at HP-HQ (this is totally going to catch on), we have just a little bit of an obsession with holidays to Gambia! In fact, barely a week goes by without us posting some hot new deal to the Gambia - in the past we have found dirt cheap flights to Gambia and even all inclusive 7 day holidays here for just £140. I know what some of you are thinking... this is too good to be true, surely there has to be something WRONG with the Gambia? Well, my dear pirates, you could not be more mistaken... 

Holidays to the Gambia have something for everyone, this is perhaps one of the best value locations (and these are certainly some of the best deals we have ever seen) around at the moment, so, without any further babbling, let me sit down, lay it all out for you and convince you that now, right this moment in fact, is the time to start thinking about booking your own trip to this palm-fringed African paradise...

First things first, some of you guys are not exactly Geographical whizz kids so I'm going to make this pretty simple. Gambia has not had a single reported case of Ebola - that's right, you officially have more chance of contracting ebola if you visit the USA or Spain. Whilst Ebola has been confirmed in nearby Guinea, it has not jumped the border to Senegal (which borders the Gambia) - only if this where to happen would you be at risk and, right now, Senegal has got some hefty screening measures in place to make sure that Ebola does not cross the border. I understand that the media has gotten hold of the ebola case, I get it, it's making it sound scary but what you need to bear in mind is that Africa is an absolutely huge continent and just because ebola is in one country, that does not mean the whole continent is unsafe. Right, onwards and upwards - so, intrepid adventurers, what exactly can your Gambia experience offer you?

Holidays to Gambia - the ultimate Gambia experience - 2

The Gambia has unexplored jungles, twisting rivers, pristine beaches and bustling cities. Make no mistake, this is a small country and it's possible to see a lot in just a week. This is one of those countries where it does actually make sense to go as part of a package holiday on account of the very cheap flights to the Gambia. Spend your mornings chilling out in truly awesome resorts and sunbathing on the beach and, in the afternoons, consider heading out on some organised tours to see some of the highlights of this mysterious country. 

Head to the Abuko Nature Reserve, perhaps the smallest nature reserve in all of Africa (and so easily doable in a day), to check out monkeys, crocodiles, stunning jungle and other critters. You can explore much of Gambia by river, in fact almost the whole country is navigable by boat, so, if you have the time to head out on an intrepid voyage consider a multi-day, or even just a day, sailing or kayaking adventure. 

Gambia hotels are some of the best value in Africa with some fantastic resorts catering to your every need, you may not even want to leave your hotel! You should however consider getting out of the resorts for a day and head to one of Gambia's more public beaches where you can meet with locals, partake in a chilled game of football or shop for souvenirs in one of the nearby markets. The ultimate souvenir is probably a hand-made Kora. Koras are the main musical instrument of the Mandinka tribe, and could be considered the national instrument of Gambia. A Kora is 21-stringed and built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin to make a resonator. It sounds like a mixture of harp and flamenco guitar... and yes, it is bloody hard to get the hang of! Other souvenirs to keep an eye out for include wood carvings and traditional palm wine, often called Toddy (careful with this, it's like a double-vodka red bull... tasty yet lethal!) - no Gambia experience is complete without a glass of Toddy! 

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about Gambia is it's size, this is the kind of place where you really can justify just spending a week, or even five days, as you can see a huge amount in that time. Definitely consider getting a package holiday, choose a great Gambia hotel, but also spend a couple of afternoons exploring outside the resort once you arrive... 

Holidays to Gambia - the ultimate Gambia experience

Practical tips for arranging your holiday to The Gambia - HEADER

The best weather in the Gambia is from November to May. Weather in the Gambia is relatively predictable and experts suggest the very best time of year to visit is between November and February.

Hotels in the Gambia vary in quailty but there are some excellent luxury options around at very cheap prices. Check out booking.com for more information. 

Flights to the Gambia are very cheap at the moment so this is the best time to get booking for your holiday to the Gambia.

We recommend booking a package holiday but spending a few days outside of the resort exploring the local sites. Be sure to try out some classic Gambia experience's such as having a glass of toddy. 

Gambia is a small country which can easily be visited on a week long trip.

There have been no reports of ebola in The Gambia.

To find out more about the Gambia, have a read of this travel blog

And so, dear pirates, hopefully I have provided you with just a bit more information on what you can expect from a Gambia experience. If you have the chance, the cheap flights to the Gambia available at the moment make holidays to Gambia an incredible opportunity for a top-notch holiday at a cut-rate price. Without a doubt the media-hype surrounding Ebola has lowered the prices but do not let that scare you, instead see this as an amazing opportunity, pack your bags, don your adventure cap and prepare to correct all those nay-sayers back home... your going on holiday to the Gambia!

Holidays to Gambia - the ultimate Gambia experience