Getting Married Abroad: What You Need to Know

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Getting Married Abroad: What You Need to Know

Your wedding is likely to be one of the most important events in your entire life. Not only will this day live on in the hearts of you and your spouse, but the location is just as critical. These are some of the reasons why a growing number of couples are getting married abroad. Indeed, there is no doubt that weddings abroad are truly unforgettable. We should still keep in mind that there are a number of considerations that need to be made ahead of time. This will make certain that your day goes off just as you both had planned. Let's take a closer look.


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The Best Spots

As this is an important consideration, it is a good idea if we address such a concept first. In truth, you have thousands of different options to choose from; each depending upon your individual tastes and budgets. However, there are a handful of spots which will provide to leave indelible memories that can last a lifetime for your friends and family. This will include regions such as:

  • The French Riviera
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Thailand
  • The Caribbean
  • Cancun
  • Famous cities such as Paris, London or Barcelona

Any one of these locations will offer you truly magical weddings abroad. Taking a further look at each with the help of the Internet and speaking with a travel agent are both great ways to narrow your choices down.

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More Money, More Problems?

Those who hope to get married abroad will have to face one inevitable obstacle. How much will it cost? Of course, this will vary depending upon the location chosen, the amount of guests that you have, the time of year and your travel arrangements. If we assume that you do not have a bottomless wallet or purse, what are some cost-busting options to save you a significant amount of money?

First, book in advance. This is the very same principle when you select a normal holiday. If you are planning on travelling during busier times of the year, this is even more important. Take a look and see if an all-inclusive holiday package may be cheaper (hotel, airfare and local travel arrangements).

The same holds true for the venue in question. Compare at least three other spots that cater to weddings abroad. You are likely to be surprised that the prices can differ dramatically. Never settle on the first quotation that you receive.

If you have decided to become married when abroad, it cannot be stressed enough that the exchange rate MUST be taken into account. This can often equate to a difference of thousands of pounds. So, you may very well be better off choosing locations such as Thailand or Mexico which offer more amenable rates. Still, you will never know the exact relationship until you arrive. There is nothing wrong with speaking to a financial adviser to determine which locations he or she believes are the most sensible to select.

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What to Remember to Bring if You Are Married Abroad

Barring the bride forgetting her dress or the groom losing the rings, what are some of the other documents and information that you will require? First and foremost, your passport is an obvious concern. This should never be placed within the checked baggage; keep it on your person during the entire trip to and from the location. It is wise to use traveller's cheques when going out and about in a foreign country. Most venues will accept this form of currency. You and your other half do not have to be concerned with handling cash. A few other important items and documents to bring along for the trip are:

  • Contact numbers in case of an emergency.
  • Any necessary medication.
  • A pay-as-you-go mobile phone.
  • Important phone numbers within the country or city where you are staying.

Write this checklist out, as getting married abroad should never be more stressful than it has to be!

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Insurance for Those Married Abroad

This is another pivotal area to address for those who hope to get married abroad. This is also one of the most overlooked aspects in regards to the entire trip. The great aspect of traveller's insurance is that it can be purchased for only the amount of time that you and your partner are away from home. This financial "umbrella" will protect you against accidents, illnesses, thefts and many other unforeseen situations. Debenhams and John Lewis do offer quite competitive and comprehensive cover however, like always, be sure to shop around to determine the best provider. Without these flexible plans, you may very well be risking your financial security.

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Legality Regarding Weddings Abroad

This can be a bit of a tricky area to address. Recall that your country may not necessarily recognise your situation if you are married abroad. Still, this is easy to determine. Speak to a relevant official or domestic governing body to ascertain their position on a specific country. Also, make sure to enquire as to whether or not a church should be used when getting married abroad. This could simply be a "local" marriage that is not recognised when you return home. As such a topic can be a bit complicated, always seek legal advice if you are uncertain what direction to take.

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Time of the Year

This was mentioned earlier in terms of reservations, but there are a few other reasons as to why this is a concern worth addressing if you desire to get married abroad. Recall that busier times of the tourist season could be downright inconvenient for you and your guests. Also, certain areas of the world (such as Finland or Mexico) can be prohibitively cold or hot. If you have very old or very young guests attending, this may present a health hazard. So, take a look at weather websites to determine which seasons are the most amenable in terms of temperature and weather conditions. In a very real way, weddings abroad will partially revolve around these concerns.

Getting Married Abroad: What You Need to Know

Getting married abroad can be an eye-opening experience. However, it is equally confusing and costly if you fail to plan ahead. By using this article as a form of a checklist, you can rest assured that you can get married abroad with comfort and style. On a final note, you should check out Kuoni Weddings they have a great service and are well experienced in luxury travel and weddings abroad.

Getting Married Abroad: What You Need to Know