Glamping: Glamourous Glamping and Camping Destinations

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Glamping: Glamourous Glamping and Camping Destinations

The Internet has given rise to a number of unique terms and phrases during the last few years. One of the most interesting words that has recently made headlines is known as "glamping". As you may have already guessed, this phrase is a combination of glamour and camping. In other words, glamping signifies enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort, luxury or style. While some may still opt to "rough it", glampers are those who choose not to sacrifice their modern amenities while still embracing all that the natural world has to offer. Now that we have a basic understanding of this concept, let's take a look at what many consider to be the most appropriate destinations for this decidedly luxurious option.


Rock Creek, Montana

Montana has always been known as a cool camping destination; a haven for those who enjoy a night out under the stars. Otherwise known as "Big Sky Country", Montana is an American state not to be missed. Located within Philipsburg, Montana, The Ranch at Rock Creek is ideal for those who wish to experience all that this wonderful state has to offer in style and sophistication. Massive canvas cabins have replaced the traditional tipi and as these are located quite close to Rock Creek itself, guests will have no trouble experiencing the wonderful flora and fauna to be observed here. A backdrop of snow-capped mountains alongside options such as an excellent restaurant, premiums wines and fully furnished cabins round out this glamour camping experience.

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Whitepod, Switzerland

There is something magical about snow-covered fields and silent mountains. Whitepod takes a novel approach to glamping; providing no less than 15 domes fastened upon wooden decks. These domes are fully insulated and offer all of the luxuries that guests have come to know and love. Wood-burning stoves, comfortable bedding and full-service bathrooms are only a few of the benefits. Each is also equipped with a mezzanine terrace to capture excellent views of the landscape as well as the northern lights. Hiking, mountain biking, tennis and badminton are some of the activities to be enjoyed while the Les Carniers restaurant serves up delectable dishes such as spit-roasted meats and traditional mountain cuisine.

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Tipi Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is a pristine section of Atlantic coastline that is found in the southwestern portion of Portugal. Located only 15 minutes from azure waters and white sands, Tipi Algarve provides a host of accommodations such as yurts and tents. Best to be visited from May until September, this retreat is often used by those looking to cleanse their system with outdoor activities, yoga and simple relaxation. Not only is the scenery here amazing, but Tipi Algarve offers activities such as golf, surfing lessons, hiking and even swimming with the dolphins. Those who have been searching for am unforgettable getaway should never miss this venue.

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Hidden Valley, Andalucia

The region of Andalucia in southern Spain is known for its balmy climate and sunny days. Still, it is possible to enjoy cool camping under even warm conditions. Hidden Valley is a perfect example of the synergy of luxury and nature. Canvas bell tents and tipis can both be chosen. These are all located on an olive grove that occupies no less than 25 acres of space. Hidden Valley is located only 30 minutes from Malaga, so arriving to and from this property is never a problem. Solar-friendly lighting, massive beds, carpets and spectacular views of the nearby Guadalhorce Valley all serve to truly define glamour camping. You can expect to enjoy activities such as horse riding, stargazing, mountain climbing and daily excursions to the nearby town of Alora. Indeed, cool camping underneath the blazing sun has never been more of a possibility.

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Mara West, Kenya

Those who are looking to take a break from the normal world cannot go wrong Mara West this type of glamour camping is truly spectacular. Billed as offering the best views of the region of Masai Mara, nature lovers here will appreciate the pristine landscapes and the herds of local wildlife to be seen. Eight tented chalets are the true definition of glamping. Each is fashioned with full bathrooms, queen-size beds, comfortable sofas and locally made rugs. Some of the daily activities include game drives, balloon safaris and plane tours over the complex. An on-site restaurant serves up the finest local dishes while western needs can be catered to just as easily. Cool camping in the heart of Africa is now a reality!

Glamping: Glamourous Glamping and Camping Destinations


Of course, there are a number of unique advantages to choosing glamping over the more traditional forms of camping. One of the most pronounced is simply the fact that you can expect to be treated like nothing less than royalty. Other benefits include:

  • Privacy and seclusion.
  • Access to modern amenities such as wireless Internet.
  • The ability to make reservations well in advance.
  • Flexible time frames.


Like any travel opportunity, there are still some downsides to consider. Perhaps the most important is that glamping can be quite expensive; prices can easily reach into the thousands of pounds for only a few days of enjoyment. Some other areas that should be remembered are:

  • Spots can often be filled up rather quickly.
  • As opposed to larger campsites, many resorts have only a limited number of properties to rent.
  • Few locations will allow pets to be present.

So, there are indeed some advantages and disadvantages associated with glamour camping. It is nonetheless a fact that these holidays are some of the most unforgettable choices that you can ever experience. Should you be searching for cool camping memories that will last a lifetime, glamping can be the best option available.

Glamping: Glamourous Glamping and Camping Destinations