Guide: How To Find Cheap Ryanair Flights

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Step By Step Instructions To Booking Cheap Ryanair Flights

Are you looking for cheap flights for a family holiday or a city break? No problem one of the best ways to travel cheap is to use European Low Cost Carriers such as Ryanair, easyJet, Norwegian Air, Pegasus Airlines, Wizz Air and WOW Air. If you book flights within their promotional periods you can often travel to various European cities for a fraction of the cost of their scheduled carrier counterparts. In this guide we will explore the Ryanair booking process and how to find cheap Ryanair flights. We know for those of you who have never booked a flight online before the process can seem daunting however, you need not worry we have produced a step by step guide to ensure you will have no troubles when booking your cheap Ryanair flight.


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How to Find Cheap Flights Using our Flights Comparison Tool

Let us move to our home page where you can easily go over to our flights comparison page, it cross compares all the cheapest vendors for any booking. This will not only save you the hassle of checking all sites it can often save you a shed load of money.

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The next stage will be able to choose the destination you are interested, the number of people and date.

A detailed guide on how to use our comparison can be found here.

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We understand you will be asking yourself the question, why are we suggesting you to use our comparison, and not the direct site of the carrier?

The reasons are:

  • 1, searching journey on the carrier in one searching you will find only one pair of flights to the airports and using our flights comparison tool you can select up to 4 airports of departure and arrival!
  • 2, quite often it happens that intermediaries offer special promotions and you can buy them at much cheaper tickets than on Ryanair!
  • 3, you do not have to waste time entering data on the website of Ryanair, as just clicking on the link from our comparison your reservation will be filled out.

How do I search flights from several airports at the same time?
Just in fields from / to enter the three letter airport codes and separate them by commas or enter example: country, so the map will appear from which you choose interesting airport.

Suppose that we are interested flights from Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Birmingham and we want to go to New York in November. After selecting the dates, press the search!

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After a few moments you will receive the search results multiple pages (this is another plus using our Comparison tool - will be able to compare prices of airlines and even mix and match to make it cheaper.) To find out where and for how much you can buy your ticket, just click "Show Details" and then on "Price" (as in the screenshot below).

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Most often the price offered by the Ryanair will not be visible but just click "Go" with the logo of the carrier to check the cost of the ticket. In this way you will find out who is offering the cheapest tickets.

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When you click on this button you will open a new tab from Ryanair. The date will be filled in for you and if your ready to purchase you can go from there.

The main purpose of this guide is to explore cheap European travel, it will be naturally assumed that you will be reading this guide to save money, which means you will also need to fly hand luggage only for the maximum saving. This will be particularly useful for city breaks however; the same rules will also apply when flying on a longer family break. It might not be practical flying with no hold luggage on a long duration break however, you can use the same tips being outlined and case share with other members of your travelling party to keep costs to a minimum.

Ryanair Booking - Step By Step Instructions

In recent years, Ryanair has put a focus on becoming more customer orientated, for instance let’s look at the website redesign there are clear elements displaying the site as being more user friendly and the inclusion of a mobile site and app. In this guide we will explore how to find a cheap Ryanair flight, if you have set dates and/or know where you are going you can simply key in this information in the search. However, if your main focus is inspiration and the desire to obtain cheap flights this pictorial guide will be quite handy.

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Route Network Overview

Ryanair is the largest low cost airline in Europe and has a rather large route network flying from the UK and Ireland. In order to get a full overview of all the routes they fly, you just need to click on the "Route Map" tab which will highlight all the routes they fly from your desired departure point. As soon as you do this it will highlight the cheap destinations to visit from your local departure airport on the right hand side in a table format.

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For an overview of the cheapest British and Irish destinations can be found on the Ryanair home page. If the departure airport is set correctly it will display results from your local airports, in this particular instance it is set to London Stansted. If the pre-set is not your local airport this is not a problem you can click the "From" button and this will allow you to change the pre-set to your local airport. The best bit of this feature is when you come back to the site it will always display the cheapest fares. For instance in this example we can see fares to Cologne & Santander for just £7.99 each way all you have to do is click on the price to book.

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Monthly View Finder - Cheapest Dates To Fly

The next step will open a monthly overview, in which the low-cost cheap flights can be found. As an example, we can see that June dates are currently being displayed. Using the left and right arrows you can change the month to see the flight prices for various periods. We have decided to choose the date of 10/06/15 to 16/06/15.

Please Note: The prices that are shown on the monthly view finder are not always 100% accurate and the actual rate will only be displayed on the next page. The main reason for this is the monthly view finder does not update in real time to match the flight price fluctuations.

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Cheap Fare Selection

In the next step you can once again change the desired flight dates with the left and right arrows, you will also have the option of selecting flight times, depending on if they flight more than one service on that given day. As in our example you can see that there are two services on this particular day, one at 07.55 and one at 19.15, we have opted for the 07.55 flights.

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As you can see the fare price has fluctuated by £2.74 this is because the return flight has risen causing the overall price to rise from £17.24 to £19.98.

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Passenger Name & Optional Extras

In the next step you need to fill in the passenger(s) names and you will have the option to pre book seats (additional charge). We usually recommend to not book single trip insurance with Ryanair simply because you can often pick up cheaper insurance else where. For instance visiting various comparison sites such as Money Supermarket, Compare The Market, Go Compare, Confused.com & Google Compare can often bag you annual multi-trip cover at the cost of single trip cover. Also it is often the case Banks or Building Societies offer free cover as in the case of Nationwide so be sure to check your account details.

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Additional Flight Extras

In this step you will have the option to purchase checked in luggage (hold luggage), SMS confirmation (text message confirmation) and airport parking, we generally advice users if you are going on a short trip to try and stay within hand luggage guidelines, if you do require luggage for a longer trip you should suitcase share with other members of your travelling party. It is common that the luggage charges can often be more than the cost of the fare so it makes great sense to only book what you need. If you do not require any of the additional services you can skip this step all together.

Note: If you require special assistance when flying you should always mention this in your booking, there is a section which you will need to tick to inform Ryanair that you and/or a member of your travelling party requires assistance, this will ensure you will have the most pleasant experience. We have read many stories of airlines being very accommodating to passengers with autism and in general disabled passengers so its a great idea to keep them informed well in advance.

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Passenger(s) Personal Details

In this section you will have the option to redeem any vouchers that you may have and you will need to fill in your email address and contact number, there is also a section to add emergency contact information.

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Payment Details

In the last step you will have to choose your payment method, there is three different ways to pay Debit/Credit Card or PayPal. The only free method of payment is Debit card. Bookings paid for by PayPal, American Express, credit card or a Mastercard Prepaid card will incur a fee of 2% of the total transaction value. In the case of our particular flight it will only cost 40p extra to pay by credit card which we generally recommend (American Express in particular if you own this card).

Guide: How To Find Cheap Ryanair Flights

That’s it you have now successfully booked a cheap Ryanair return flight to Cologne from London Stansted for just £19.98 with no additional fee. This is susceptible to various variable factors, such as time of year, desired destination and time of booking.

Note: You must check in online with Ryanair before travel, failure to do so will result in an airport check-in charge of £70. Online check-in can be done between 30 days prior to travel and 2 hours before departure (Do not leave check-in till last minute). The process of check-in is straight forwards, just take your time and fill in the details accurately and you should not have any troubles. If you have not selected pre booked seats you will be allocated a seat free of charge if your check-in between 7 days and 2 hours before each flight you have booked.

Guide: How To Find Cheap Ryanair Flights