Holiday at the Giraffes residence in Kenya!

A deal from , 31. Jan. 2021 4:26 pm

Imagine eating breakfast and a giraffe looking in the window ... This is not a dream, you just woke up in a giraffe residence in Kenya! Giraffe Manor is an amazing place where everyone can live among these wonderful animals. The dream of every child and adult too!

The Giraffe Manor is a boutique hotel in Langat (Kenya), next to which is a forest sanctuary for giraffes. People are happy to visit the hotel in the morning and evening in the hope of seeing these stunning animals!

However, the residence is not only a tourist attraction. Together with the Giraffes Center, it is home to the endangered species of Rothschild giraffes and a place where pairs of these animals can come back to life in nature and sustain the species. Many giraffes have already lived in Giraffe Manor, currently there are 8 of them.

The hotel has 6 cozy rooms, from which guests can welcome giraffes and offer them a treat at breakfast. You can visit it all year round, and in addition to seeing the giraffes, you can also choose other activities, you can go on a safari, visit elephants or a museum nearby.

The Giraffe's residence is a paradise on Earth for animal and nature lovers. You can find out more about this place here.

Holiday at the Giraffes residence in Kenya!