How to Save Money for Your Next Family Holiday

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How to Save Money for Your Next Family Holiday

We are all in need of a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives from time to time. If you are like most, you might be thinking about embarking upon a family holiday in the near future. The irony is that planning such an excursion can actually be very frustrating in terms of budgeting your funds properly. Family holidays can be quite expensive and if you want to save money, there are a handful of sure-fire tips that are bound to take the guesswork out of the process. Let's create a checklist that you can utilise as a guide. You will be amazed at how many ways there are to not break the bank!


Take a Look at the Basics

You first need to consider the essentials. In this manner, we are referring to the logistics of the trip itself. Variables such as accommodations, travel costs, sightseeing tours, food and drink, travel insurance (if appropriate) and fees to parks and attractions all need to be factored in. Research and tally up these costs. If you have been unsure in regards to how to save money for any trip, this is the best way to start. Knowing these costs up front will enable you to properly plan your budget ahead of time. The impartial Money Advice Service has some great tips on how to budget and save for your holiday which you can find here, following their advice could see you jetting off, on budget, before you know it!

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Five-Star Bankruptcy

Eating out can be a memorable portion of your family holidays. However, remember that many of these restaurants cater to tourists. Their food is therefore likely to be very overpriced. This is especially relevant to those locations found within tourist-laden city centres. Now, this is not to say that you will always be forced to choose Chinese takeaway. Rather, take a look for locations off of the beaten path to enjoy a low-key meal that is easy on the stomach and the wallet.

Research and More Research

One of the largest expenses during any holiday involves the guided tours that are offered. Another effective way to save money is to avoid these tours by researching the most interesting spots ahead of time. Now that we all have access to the Internet, such a process is quick and simple. Search terms such as "the best tourist attractions in Barcelona" or "lesser-known sights in Prague" are excellent methods to find what it is that you and your family are looking for. By simply printing up a map and marking the best spots, you have just become your own tour guide!

Miles and Points

Those who have been wondering how to save money on family holidays over time will find this tip very handy. Many credit cards offer frequent flyer miles and similar point systems. Check with your provider to see if this is the case. The main benefit behind these methods is that you can drastically cut down on travel costs to and from your destination. This can rise into the hundreds of pounds if you make frequent purchases. However, remember to not overcharge your card! The last thing that you want is to secure a cheap holiday and subsequently learn that you have reached your credit limit.

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Get the Family Involved

It is an unfortunate fact that the burden of paying for family holidays will often fall to one person; normally the individual that is earning the most money. Still, family holidays should be about teamwork. It is much easier to save money if more than one person pitches in. So, your and your significant other should determine how much you can each afford. If you have older children, encourage them to find part-time jobs for a month or two if possible. Hold a boot sale and get rid of any unwanted items around the home. Even if you are only able to secure a few hundred pounds with these suggestions, such funds can make a massive difference.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Cash can be a tempting resource. There have been many times when the funds that were meant to be used towards a holiday were spent towards the frivolities of daily life. The best way to avoid this is to immediately place your money into a savings account. Not only will you be less likely to go through the trouble of withdrawing it, but let us always remember that you will be earning interest as long as the deposits remain in place. Check with your financial institution to determine if they have any specific programmes designed for holiday savings.

All-Inclusive Packages

Many experts will observe that understanding how to save money involves the travel arrangements themselves. All-inclusive holidays are great alternatives to consider. As the name suggests, these bulk packages will include everything you need during your stay. Even more importantly, the overall costs will be known up front. These normally include hotel, airfare, food and drink and even local sightseeing tours. There are remarkably fewer hidden expenses and therefore, you are able to appreciate how much spending money is available upon arrival. Booking these reservations in advance is another suggestion that cannot be overstated. Try to confirm your holiday at least three months ahead of time. On a final note, consider booking an all-inclusive holiday during the off-peak tourist season. The prices will be notably cheaper.

How to Save Money for Your Next Family Holiday

Putting it All Together

Once again, some of the main concerns that you will need to address in order to save money are:

  • Consider basic expenses.
  • Avoid fancy restaurants.
  • Use the Internet for research.
  • Accrue credit card points and miles.
  • Involve the entire family.
  • Place the money into a savings account.
  • Consider all-inclusive options.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, you and the entire family will be able to secure a much-needed holiday that can provide memories to last a lifetime!

How to Save Money for Your Next Family Holiday