Iceland on a Pirate's Budget

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With its spectacular landscapes, abundance of nature and the possibility to see the Northern Lights, Iceland is definitely on the list as one of the most amazing places to visit. We know a trip to Iceland can be costly, so here are our top money saving tips, so you can get the most out of your trip without breaking the bank. But if you don't fancy organising you're own Iceland trip, you can find our latest deals here.


Book your flights as early as possible! Especially for busy periods such as Christmas and New Year, where flights can be very expensive. Use our Flight Finder tool, selecting the option to search three days before or after your selected date in order to find the best price.

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Iceland offers a great variety of accommodation suitable for every kind of traveller. For the adventurous, The Camping Card would be worthwhile taking a look at. It offers a cost effective way to set up base for the night at one of the 41 partner campsites across the country.

Hostels are growing in popularity, as they are continuing to provide basic but nice accommodation for a cost effective price. A good place to start your search is Hostelling International. If you become a member, you be able to get a discount on many hotels throughout Iceland.

If you fancy something a bit different, why not hire a campervan or motorhome? Iceland is great for exploring, so why not combine your accommodation and transport for the trip? You will also be able to see even more of the island!

And finally there’s Airbnb. This list wouldn’t be complete without it! We have done the hard work for you and put together a ‘wishlist’ with some of our favourite rentals on the whole island – have a look!

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Travelling around Iceland can be expensive but there are ways to save money. During the summer months, a bus pass can take you from Reykjavik Excursions can you take you around the island for around €100. Another cheap option to get around the island is by carpooling, using companies such as Samferda.

If you plan to rent a car, we recommend you book as early as possible, particularly during the peak months. To visit many of the most famous sites a 4x4 isn’t necessary, except if you want to access some of the more off the beaten track roads. We recommend you take out comprehensive car insurance particularly if travelling off-road. You can find a car using our clever Car Hire comparison tool.

From the airport to the city and vice versa, use the FlyBus as this will be cheaper than a taxi. You can take help from Rome2Rio when working out the approximate distances between places, for example!

Check out the website Vegagerdin for real-time road/weather conditions and download their Mobile App.

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Food and Drink

Food in Iceland can be expensive, so we recommend you bring as much food with you in your suitcase. Just bear in mind meat and dairy products aren’t allowed. If you’re low on rum, a visit to the two cheapest supermarkets (Bonus and Netto) should provide you with everything you need. An alternative is to buy alcoholic drinks at the airport where you can take advantage of duty free prices. Many bars also have happy hours where you can take advantage of drink deals. Tap water is safe to drink and amongst some of the most fresh in the world. We suggest you carry a water bottle with you to refill.


Shopping in Iceland can be expensive. It is worth remembering that many shops offer you tax free shopping if you spend over a certain amount. You can claim any tax back at the airport.


A modern pirate can’t live without internet! You will find free internet in most gas stations and cafes around Iceland.

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When to Travel

If you visit Iceland in winter you may just shiver your timbers! Iceland is an incredibly popular destination over the winter due to the famous Northern Lights, meaning higher prices during these months. Just bear in mind many roads may be closed and outdoor activities will be limited. Similarly, travelling during the summer peak (June – August) can also be expensive, but access to the island and outdoor activities are good. As a real pirate, the best time to travel is between peak months. We recommend a trip to Iceland in April or September when the weather is not so extreme and prices are slightly lower.

What so see

With its breath-taking landscapes and natural phenomenon you can definitely see the best of what Iceland has to offer for free. From Iceland's main road, known as the Ring Road you can visit some of the most interesting sites the island has to offer such as Skógafoss, the black sand beach Vík, Vatnajökull Glacier and Jökulsárlón.

If you decide to go on a paid tour, do your research carefully according to your preferences, interests and price restrictions. Crucially, don’t forget for some of Iceland’s more unpredictable natural phenomenon an organised tour is always a safer option, particularly volcano tours, glacier tours and sea excursions.

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Iceland on a Pirate's Budget

Iceland on a Pirate's Budget