You need to visit Aruba's very own Flamingo Beach

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Happy Monday, pirates! Are you already half-asleep at your desk, daydreaming of a flamin-good time? A certain Caribbean beach might be exactly where you're looking to take flight.

Flamingo Beach at the 4* Renaissance Resort & Casino in Oranjestad, the capital of the Caribbean island of Aruba, is now on our bucket list. This is a private, adults only beach where you can hang out with flamingos - feed them, take pictures with them, and generally enjoy getting a rare personal experience with the funkiest bird of the lot.

But you don't need to be a guest of the resort. You can buy a day pass and catch a speedy boat ride to the 40-acre artificial island where it's located, which has a mangrove and two private beaches.

But if some beachside luxury is all you're looking for, you won't be disappointed with the sensational scenery.

"Flamingo Beach is a perfect spot for couples’ romantic getaways, tasty cocktails, and open-air massages, indeed contributing to a wonderful vacation. It is a place to let go and go for that reborn feeling." according to BeachesofAruba.com

As if the flamingos weren't enough to convince us to visit.

You need to visit Aruba's very own Flamingo Beach  - 2

However, your new feathered friends can be unpredictable creatures.

The tourist website offers a word of warning: "They really are everywhere around you when you are visiting Flamingo Beach and they can sometimes be rather disturbing and a little too curious. Management of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino has decided not to allow children to minimize the disturbance of the flamingo population."

So while you may be free of screaming children, you'll need to keep a close eye on the beach's main occupants. We personally advise just be respectful and conscious of the creatures' space - you know, don't be a birdbrain.

You need to visit Aruba's very own Flamingo Beach

Flamingos on a Caribbean beach? We're quitting our jobs to catch a flight right this second - no flocks given.

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You need to visit Aruba's very own Flamingo Beach