On board with Lola! A look behind the scenes of HolidayPirates with an interview with our deal hunters

A deal from , 16. Dec. 2020 11:30 am

On board with...Lola

Our series of interviews and portraits of collaborators who share their travel experiences with us on the blog continues today with Lola.

Her job: scanning the web to find the best, and often completely unique, travel deals based on her solid personal experiences and her knowledge of Internet tools.

Tell us a little about you: Where are you from, where do you live, your studies, passions, hobbies, etc.

I’m from the northernmost town in England called Berwick and I originally studied Business Studies. My hobbies on top of travelling include going to the theatre, live music gigs and swimming, all of which I have missed doing during these covid times. I’m a big animal lover and own a beagle called DJ, oh and not forgetting my love of gin!

How did you become a travel deal hunter at HolidayPirates?

I was always the person out of my friends and family who would put our trips together, whether it be a birthday or hen weekend or a trip for 10 of us to Ibiza. I was a HolidayPirates fan and decided to email to them and try my luck to see if they had any jobs going and to my shock, they asked me to put together some deal examples. I then had a Skype interview, a weeks trial in Berlin and have now been working here for over 5 and a half years.

What do you like most about your job?

I could never get bored of looking for holidays or finding out cool things to do around the world, even after work you sometimes find yourself still sitting there finding a deal you might book for yourself. The best part is the adrenalin rush you get when you come across a really unbelievable deal. There have also been some awesome perks such as trips to Ibiza and Gran Canaria and many parties in Berlin.

What’s your definition of a good deal?

Price does play a part, but you also get cheap deals where you would never want to stay in a million years so quality plays a big part too! I think it’s the first thing you would boast about when telling others that you booked: "I booked this all-inclusive rate for cheaper than it was to go half board" or "I booked this hotel and got upgraded to a swim-up suite for free." Finding something great but for cheaper than usual or with an added extra or freebie can take a good deal to an amazing one!

One of your areas of expertise includes city breaks here in the UK, can you tell us more about that?

I always wanted to travel as much as possible and as it’s not feasible to jump on a plane and head off on holiday all the time, my mates and I would jump on a train to enjoy a city trip in the UK as much as we could. Whether it was a trip to London to see a show or staying in a hotel as a group of 12 for a shopping trip or night-out in Newcastle you get to enjoy a new place without the expense of a holiday and needing loads of time off work and you can squeeze in loads more trips.

The company offers the digital nomad lifestyle to all staff, where do you plan to work from?

I’ve been really lucky and have been working remotely for most of my time at HolidayPirates. I love working from hotels with cool lobbies or rooftops with a view and it’s never a bad thing working from a poolside in the sun.

Hopefully next year we can get back into travelling, I’m struggling to choose where I want to go next, but maybe somewhere with some sunshine like Cuba or Mauritius and I can’t wait to go back to Croatia.

On board with Lola! A look behind the scenes of HolidayPirates with an interview with our deal hunters