ONE in FIFTY travellers find WHAT on a plane?!

A deal from , 27. Aug. 2018 1:54 pm

Ahoy, single pirates! We bring you some interesting news.

It turns out that love is quite literally in the air.

A new survey from HSBC has revealed that an impressive one in fifty travellers has found the love of their life on a plane journey. The survey was conducted in July 2018 and included responses from 5000 passengers from 141 countries.

Given that the average flight lasts around seven hours and forty minutes, we guess that is plenty of time for getting to know the stranger next to you and deciding whether they're marriage material.

ONE in FIFTY travellers find WHAT on a plane?!

The survey also uncovered that 16% of travellers had formed a business connection on a flight, while 15% had developed long lasting friendships with fellow fliers. We don't know about you, pirates, but we're beginning to regret all the times we boarded, stuck our earphones in and fell asleep with our mouths open - oops.

Who knew that true love could exist in plane sight?

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ONE in FIFTY travellers find WHAT on a plane?!