Our top 5 cat cafés to celebrate National Tea Day!

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Today is National Tea Day, so we've compiled a list of some of the most Paw-some cat cafes for the purrrfect way to spend an afternoon! You'll be able to spend your time sipping tea, munching on kitty cookies and, of course, making new feline friends! And why cats? Because why the hell not!

Lady Dinah’s - London

London’s first Cat Cafe! A community of kind, like-minded animal-loving people. Lady Dinah’s is the perfect kitty home as it provides a calm, soothing environment to help you make a genuine bond with them.

Dinah’s is not a traditional Cat Cafe with an abundance of cats (some cat cafes abroad have up to 50 cats!): they are a tea house and, most importantly, a loving home to rescue cats. Dinah’s treat their cats like you would treat your family. They look after a small number of cats to ensure they are happy and that they can give every cat the care and attention it needs.

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Kitty Cafe - Nottingham

As Kitty Café is a cat rehoming centre, should you meet a cat or kitten that you feel a particular connection to you can enquire about their adoption process when at the café.

Both sides of Kitty Café are fully wheelchair accessible and there are tables which are extendable. They aim to be fully family-friendly and have full baby changing facilities on-site. They offer 100 different types of loose-leaf teas, provide fresh coffees and hot chocolates made by their Italian baristas, and a selection of milkshakes, juices and bottled cold drinks.

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Mog on the Tyne - Newcastle

Newcastle’s first cat café! Owned by Katie Jane Glazier, a cat, cake and music lover. She lives on a narrow boat and originally hails from the ancient city of York. The café has been designed after extensive research, to ensure that both their cat family and customers have the best experience at all times.

The welfare and happiness of their cats and guests are at the forefront of their minds and in everything they do at the café. The cats have dedicated areas to relax when they need down time and the booking schedule has been designed to have a two hour break in the middle of the day for serious cat naps.The food they serve is locally sourced on a daily basis. They have a selection of gourmet sandwiches and the cakes.

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Maison De Moggy - Edinburgh

Maison De Moggy offer a unique café experience where customers can relax in the company of their speciality cats whilst enjoying the purrfect cuppa!

They are a traditional cat cafe, focusing their attention on their cats and the therapeutic qualities they can offer. They therefore limit the menu to locally produced teas, coffees and delicious cakes. Please note that they do not reserve tables as customers are encouraged to roam the cafe and interact with their cats.

Their cafe is a custom built paradise for their cats! There are lots of places for them to climb and play as well as nooks and crannies to explore and snooze inside. Maison De Moggy encourage play and cuddles and their dedicated cat nanny will be on hand to make sure cats and customers have the best possible experience.

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Meow Parlour - New York City

New York's first cat cafe offers adorable cat-themed treats and drinks as well as a variety of activities for cat lovers. A 30 minute session (you can extend your stay) costs $5 per person. Yoga & Kitties sessions are also available for $20- $22 per person. Reservations required. (4/5 TripAdvisor)

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Next time you're in New York, stay at The Algonquin Hotel in Times Square. Throughout its history The Algonquin has maintained a tradition of keeping a cat that has the run of the premises. The current lucky feline is Matilda, who you may find lounging on her own personal chaise longue in the lobby.

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Our top 5 cat cafés to celebrate National Tea Day! - 2
Our top 5 cat cafés to celebrate National Tea Day!

Our top 5 cat cafés to celebrate National Tea Day!