Sad times: Norwegian Air ends long-haul flights!

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In November 2020, Norwegian Air filed for bankruptcy protection. The company's board of directors recently outlined a streamlined business structure, which no longer includes long-haul flights!

Norwegian Air will no longer fly Boeing 787s

Norwegian's entire long-haul Boeing 787 fleet has been grounded since March 2020, due to restrictions, coupled with the general decline in travel demand. With future demand remaining highly uncertain, the company believes a long-range network is no longer viable. This means Norwegian will no longer operate long-haul flights and get rid of its Boeing 787s!

Unfortunately, this also means that the bodies that mainly employ long-haul staff in the UK, Italy, France and the United States have contacted bankruptcy trustees.

Given that the airline was not making money on long-haul pre-coronavirus flights, we doubt that in the near future, the company will retrace its steps.

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Norwegian air will focus on the European network

With its new streamlined structure, Norwegian will focus on its European operations.

The company will have the Nordic business as its core, managing a short-haul network exclusively with narrow-body aircraft, such as the Boeing 737s it already has. The focus will be on routes within Norway and Scandinavia, through other Nordic countries and to the main European destinations.

The plan is to serve these markets with around 50 narrow-body aircraft by 2021 and to increase that number to around 70 aircraft by 2022.

This decision is inevitable but sad

First of all, for travellers, this is a sad development. Norwegian probably offered the best passenger experience on any low-cost airline across the Atlantic and to Asia - the 787s were modern, had wifi, and had excellent Premium Economy. It offerd real added value across the Atlantic for travellers, too bad it wasn't as beneficial to the company.

But no one will ever deny that Norwegian has contributed massively to lower fares across the Atlantic and on long haul flights in general!

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Which of you Pirates flew Norwegian long haul? How did you find yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Sad times: Norwegian Air ends long-haul flights!

Sad times: Norwegian Air ends long-haul flights!