Say 'Yamas' to our favourite Greek islands for a summer holiday

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With a total of 227 inhabited islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the Greek islands has something to offer every type of traveller. Fabulously flawless Santorini is great for a couples escape; whilst Corfu has amazingly beautiful beaches. But with so many islands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect destination for you; so here is our guide to our top 7 Greek islands!

We'll also throw in some useful Greek words and phrases to help with your trip!

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1. Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the larger Greek islands (sixth largest in fact) and is a great place to 'supersize' you Greek getaway. Sitting in the heart of the Ionian islands, the island is riddled with captivating coves and beach lined bays are the perfect places to relax as well as explore.

We recommend heading to Myrtos Beach for gorge views and crystal clear waters!

Hello: γεια (Yah)

2. Santorini

Simply stunning Santorini. This destination can be hard to put into words as it is simply so beautiful! Its postcard perfect thanks to those incredible vistas of domes white-wash houses against a shining blue sea.

We recommend heading to Selene in Pyrgos village for superb Greek cuisine served beneath the stars.

Cheers: Γεια μας (ya-mas)

Say 'Yamas' to our favourite Greek islands for a summer holiday - 2

3. Naxos

Fancy something more off the beaten track? Well Naxos will be a great island for you! It's main city Hora (also known as Naxos) has a picturesque waterfront and if you want to escape the main town, beautiful beaches are nearby and easy to find!

Check out the 'Temple of Apollo' in Hora. Its the island's most famous landmark.

Thank you: ευχαριστώ (ef-kah-ri-stoe)

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4. Crete

Crete is home to some of most beautiful beaches in the Greek islands, as well as ridiculously pretty town and villages. Mix this with this with tasty food and friendly locals and you're on to a winner!

Head to Elafonissi beach to witness the beautiful pink sands.

Beer: μπύρα (bee-ra)

5. Mykonos

Nothing says 'glam' quite like Mykonos. Its the number one place for a luxe getaway, with a vibrant party scene; think of it as the love child of St. Tropez and Ibiza.

Windmills are iconic in on the island, none more so than those at Kato Mili. They're definitely not to be missed!

Yes: Ναί (neh) & No: όχι (oh-hee)

Say 'Yamas' to our favourite Greek islands for a summer holiday

6. Milos

The volcanic island of Milos is know locally as "the Island of Colours" is relatively unknown by many, but is a favourite for locals. Dramatic coastal landscapes and surreal rock formations make it a destination like no other.

Head to the Klima Rock Dwellings to experience the traditional fisherman dwellings that are built into the rocks.

Please: σας παρακαλούμε (sass-para-kah-loo-may)

7. Rhodes

Rhodes is steeped in history and vibrant culture. Once held by the Italians and Ottomans, the island is packed full of points of interest, and that's before you even head to the beach!

Check out the Acropolis of Lindos to be a part of a historical landmark and admire the spectacular views.

I love Greece!: Αγαπώ την Ελλάδα! (ah-gah-poh teen eh-lah-ta)

Say 'Yamas' to our favourite Greek islands for a summer holiday