​Stay safe, and dream of travel

A deal from , 25. Mar. 2020 2:22 pm

Hi Pirates,

We know you’ll be receiving a lot of these messages right now, but here’s a quick update on how we’ll be responding to coronavirus at HolidayPirates.

We, like you, love to travel and explore the world, but now we’re staying at home until this situation gets better - hopefully you can do the same.

While the restrictions continue, we’ll keep sharing great travel deals and articles with you, but we’ll only cover deals that offer travel dates long into the future.

Also, as long as it’s important to stay home, we’ll share some new kinds of offers with you -- things that might make life more enjoyable until you can travel again. That could be anything from discounts on streaming services to virtual tours, or lots of other fun stuff that could help pass the time while we get through this.

You’ll also hear from us less often in the coming weeks, as we reduce our Pirate operations until this is all over.

Stay safe, and we’ll keep sharing our ideas for amazing future travel with you while we all wait.

Your Pirate Team,

Ale, Alessia, Ally, Ben, Carys, Cc, Daniel, Daniela, Dionne, Gem, Izzy, Lisa, Lola, Nick, Serena & Stefano

​Stay safe, and dream of travel

​Stay safe, and dream of travel