Stop Farting Around: Visit The Anus House!

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Ahoy pirates! We'd like to introduce you to a very special piece of artwork we've recently gotten wind of...

Hidden in the bowels of the internet, the 'CasAnus' is a unique piece of modern art located in Belgium - the homeland of surrealism. The construction is part of the Verbeke Foundation, a museum home to a unique collection of sculptures and modern art.

The realistic polyester sculpture - designed by Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout, is a giant replica of the human digestive system - featuring a 10 meter long digestive tract and with the end representing an anus!

Not only can you admire the peculiar construction, but you can also stay overnight in it! One night in the installation costs €120 for two people, including breakfast and access to the museum.

Although the 'Anus House' is located in a lost corner of the world - often referred to by some as 'the world's asshole', there are plenty of other interesting exhibitions to enjoy during your time at Verbeke Foundation!

At the 'CasAnus', you wont be bummed out with your stay:

Stop Farting Around: Visit The Anus House! - 2

Source: verbekefoundation.com

Stop Farting Around: Visit The Anus House!

Photograph: Anda Van Riet

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Stop Farting Around: Visit The Anus House!