The 5 best (and scariest) Halloween attractions in the UK!

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Spooky season is upon us and that means all our favourite Halloween attractions are back to scare us silly. While the UK is home to many haunted houses and ghostly mazes, these 5 horror attractions are sure to leave you shaking in your boots.

1. Phobophobia (London)

While the folks at the London Bridge Experience already have a reputation for delivering scares in one of London’s most haunted spots, they really up the ante for Halloween. This adults-only show takes your worst phobias and brings them to life, with butchers, zombies, snakes and more and is sure to leave you trembling. It even includes a welcome glass of bubbly to settle your nerves before the tour starts.

Tickets start from £39.95, with show available from October 22nd - 24th & 29th - 31st.

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2. Fright Nights Fearstival (Thorpe Park, Surrey)

Frights abound at Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights Fearstival. You can get your heart racing with nighttime rides on some of their top rollercoasters with spooky themes, like SAW - The Ride. After you’ve screamed your way through the rides, brave a journey into one of their two live scare mazes, Platform 15 and Roots of Evil.

Tickets start from £42, with bookings available from October 16th - November 1st. Tickets for live scare mazes are an additional charge.

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3. Xtreme Scream Park (Leicester)

This park is five horror attractions in one! Entry gives you access to each haunted house once, as you explore houses like the Ash Hell Penitentiary, the sinister Pie Factory, and the park’s newest attraction for 2020: Belvoir Manners. Your heart will be racing as you encounter evil inmates and spooky scarecrows along the way.

Tickets start from £24.99, with bookings available October 14th, 16-17th, 21st, 23-24th, 27-28th, and 30-31st, as well as November 1st.

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4. The Haunted Castle (Warwick)

A great family-friendly option, the Warwick Castle transforms each year into The Haunted Castle. Delve into the dungeons of the castle, where you’ll learn its gruesome history, wander through the spooky castle rooms, and try to find your way out of the maze.

Tickets start from £21, with bookings available October 24th - November 1st.

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5. ScareCity Drive-In Cinema (Stretford)

If you’d rather be scared from the comfort of your car, this haunted house/drive-in theater mash up will do the trick. Drive through the “Tunnel of Doom”, traverse the “Ghoul Graveyard” and then enjoy your favourite scary movies from your car, as live actors creep around to deliver extra jump scares when you least expect them. The listings include such fan favourites as The Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th (showing on an actual Friday the 13th!), and The Exorcist, among many others.

Tickets start from £38.32 (online) with bookings available October 13th - November 15th.

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The 5 best (and scariest) Halloween attractions in the UK!